Supplier Flyeralarm presents itself

By 2 November 2018Partners
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“Together we make the market bigger”

“Special specifications and finishes outside the standard printing”. With this statement from Theo Vermeulen, he defines the position of online printer Flyeralarm. With a large production house in Germany, Theo can unite the best of two countries from the Netherlands. As a new supplier within the Prindustry platform, they are happy to introduce themselves.

As country manager for Flyeralarm Benelux, Theo sketches a positive climate for the online printer: “We sell more than three million products in our webshop, send more than 22,000 parcels to 15 countries every day and serve more than 1.5 million customers annually.” Flyeralarm is one of the largest online providers of printed matter in Europe, with Germany as central homeland for production. Ten years ago the company started in the Netherlands. Meanwhile there is a ten-person team in Amsterdam. “It is good to be closer to the customer. You master the Dutch language well, know the culture and adjust the service accordingly.”

flyeralarmDevelopments and competitors

A lot has changed in the online printing landscape in the past ten years. “Local printers have accepted the new internet models and are often working together with an online printer. More and more new players have also been added, such as Drukwerkdeal, Reclameland and Helloprint. These are competitors, but the market is big enough. We all take our own place in the market. One is more appreciated, the other more on the service or on the delivery date. Flyeralarm has been further developed in width. We offer a larger range that does not just consist of standard printed matter. flyeralarmOur strength is the wide range of paper types and different finishes. For a flyer, for example, you can choose from 26 paper types and more than 20 different types of finishes. There are many specifications to choose from a product. We also benefit from our large production halls in Germany. While colleagues often have to outsource orders, there are football fields full of the most modern machines in Germany. The entire process is geared to fast and cost-effective production. For example, one offset press runs all day only for business cards. This means that you do not have any changeover times or allowances and thus a very efficient process.”

Prindustry platform and Connect Event

The collaboration with Prindustry came as a result of customer inquiries. “We have several customers who have a webshop from Prindustry or consider to take it. They then want us as a supplier option within the platform. ”
As a new supplier, the Prindustry Connect Event 2018 was the the first network day of Prindustry where Flyeralarm was present. “We wanted to show that we are a company from Germany with local roots. In Amsterdam, our team works to provide the local service that customers expect. We also want to work proactively and help customers to grow their business. Printed matter can be part of that, but there is so much more. The questions we receive from customers often go beyond technical support. It’s interesting to explore these questions on a network dat like the Connect Event. It’s good to have a mix of collaborating parties at Prindustry. Together we try to make the market bigger.”

As a WhiteLabelShop reseller you can link the Flyeralarm assortment to your webshop, in addition to the many assortments from other suppliers. The webshop is whitelabel, so you sell everything under your own name, with prices that you determine.