“Building solutions that help print professionals strengthen their business.” Joris Peters knows how to voice Print.com‘s ambition. And with that ambition, they are already well on their way. Print.com offers a comprehensive platform, design tool, production facilities and API interfaces to their product offerings. “We provide an ecosystem that allows print professionals to add value to their business and facilitate their workflow,” explains Joris. How Prindustry fits into this picture, he is happy to let us know as well.






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‘Co-Creator’, ‘Printnerd’ or ‘Checking in Frequent Flyers’…. Print.com is known for the original job titles they give to their employees. Joris is Solutions Consultant. That sounds pretty generic and that’s exactly the point. “I support our customers with solutions in a wide field of possibilities. In doing so, we go beyond the e-commerce model that everyone is familiar with from many online printers. Often our customers benefit more from a Brand Portal, a print-on-demand app or someone to look at the invoicing process with them. The market is in flux, for print professionals, agencies and brands alike.”

Joris Peters

Print journey to love brand

Exploring new possibilities in print seems to be solidly in Print.com’s DNA. Owner Marco Aarnink decides in 2017, several years after he sells the large Dutch online printer Drukwerkdeal, to start another print company that does justice to his love of print. He buys the domain name Print.com and creates a ‘love brand’ specifically for the print professional, where customers are ‘frequent flyers’. From the beginning, customers actively participate in thinking about the business model and product roadmap at Print.com. “It’s incredibly cool to see what has been built since the start. It really is about entrepreneurship, or the ‘next generation in print’ as we call it at Print.com.”

International ambitions

You don’t buy a domain name like Print.com for nothing. There are international ambitions for the print platform. Those international steps followed soon after the launch with rollouts in Belgium, France, Germany and Austria. Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom are on the map for 2024. Joris: “The first thousand customers in The Netherlands are based on the brand and Marco’s story. In other countries the latter no longer applies. In Germany or France success is due to the strong brand and good entrepreneurship. We continue to listen to customer feedback. Looking together at where things are and are not going well. This is how we work together to create a good ecosystem that is interesting for every print professional.”

Love relationship with customers

For that ecosystem, customer experience is incredibly important. “Since the start of Print.com, we have been working on a customer journey in which the principles of a love relationship are at the basis of the different stages we go through with a customer. It begins with a flirtation that is followed by a first date (visit to the web app) and after the first kiss (the first order) you start building a relationship together in which the difficult moments are not avoided. Always transparent and honest, even when the news is not good. The goal is a long-term healthy relationship. Print.com’s first-class service translates into excellent accessibility, a focus on a ‘first-time-fix’ and a proactive attitude.”

How a Print.com product configures within the Prindustry platform.

Partnership Prindustry

Another part of the ecosystem are partners. Like the more than 160 print partners who produce for Print.com in niches such as large format print, giveaways or direct mailings. Or the software partners such as Prindustry who ensure that the Print.com assortment can be linked whitelabel to web2print shops for resale. At Prindustry, this is a live link, making available thousands of print products with millions of material and finishing options. “Prindustry has cleverly chosen to develop an intermediate layer, making sure that not all the millions of combinations come through immediately. Together with the customer, it’s decided which products and product options will become available.”

Tools with added value

The partnership between Print.com and Prindustry continues to evolve as a result. “With other partners, it is often a more limited part of the assortment that we link. Prindustry’s webshop customers get access to the largest print assortment in Europe. We are therefore working hard to get and keep the connection right. The goal is to make the processes so simple that webshop owners have time to invest in adding value for their customers. That means the link must be uncluttered, easy to configure and should never have price differences. The basics are good, and we are developing that into subsequent versions. Whether that is for sales in open webshops like the WhiteLabelShop or for a brand owner’s ordering assortment through the Brand Portal. We both want to release tools that add value to the print professional and in doing so we complement each other well.”

Management page in which Prindustry passes on the general Print.com assortment within the Marketplace.

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