Corporate identity portal

A good corporate identity is consistent. In this article you will discover more about corporate identity management, brand templates and the right software.


Corporate identity and brand carriers

A corporate identity is the visual representation of an organization. All visual elements define this identity, such as the logo, use of color, photography and fonts. Terms like brand identity, branding or corporate style are often used as synonyms for corporate identity.

Brand carriers are the communication media on which the visual elements are depicted. These are offline media such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures or flags. Online, they include media like the website, newsletters and social media banners.

Corporate identity monitoring

To ensure consistent translation across all communications, it is helpful to capture brand guidelines in a manual. This can be in a paper guide, but these days instructions are increasingly coming from a digital source.

Usually, a company’s communications department oversees the use of the brand guidelines. They ensure that the right source material is available so that all employees are deploying the same content.

Corporate identity templates make the work of the communications team easier. It allows employees to make minor adjustments to the communications themselves in templates in which certain branding elements are fixed.

Corporate identity templates

Templates form the basis of digital corporate identity management. In such a template, you pre-set the elements of the company’s brand. The user can adjust things within a standardized design template without losing the correct layout. That means, for example, that the brand colors or the position of the logo are predetermined and locked in the template.

With smart templates, you can even automatically generate different formats for print and web. This allows you to get the most out of each original design.

Corporate identity portal

The digital possibilities for brand management come together in a corporate identity management system. With brand management software, you get an online platform that ensures consistent brand communication. You can manage, create, publish and order all communications from one system. All PR materials, digital assets and print products.

The system is a central hub for all internal and external branding assets, with decentralized user settings for ordering and creation. Anyone working on the brand can customize and use all materials while maintaining visual identity. Companies gain complete control over their brand communication process.

Prindustry's corporate identity portal

The Prindustry Brand Portal is a corporate identity portal to organize the entire process of brand communication. Management, creation and procurement.

The Brand Portal is set up as a webshop on the front end. This allows the user to easily (re)order communication products, format them online, view stock or request a quote. An administrator can determine everything around the products in the backend system. Budget allocations or approval of designs.

The platform links conveniently with all kinds of systems. For example, with the design editor of CHILI, to personalize marketing materials within templates with one’s own brand. Prindustry connects print-ready output to print partners.

This Brand Portal is the solution for digital corporate identity management from a central design and ordering platform.


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