Brand Portal for the Financial Sector

An optimal brand experience with a central communication platform.
For print and online marketing items.
Complete with media database, corporate identity editor, print webshop and multi-account login.


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The Brand Portal solution

A Brand Portal gives financial companies a complete platform for formatting and ordering all communication products. Online and offline. There is one central management system, with decentralized capabilities for different users. Employees make local changes to the materials within the corporate identity templates.

A main administrator, often someone from the marketing team or head office, has control over all settings. Setting the assortments and budgets or links to suppliers. The system is modular and if required can be connected to ERP solutions or financial software such as SAP or Exact.


Some of the modules to select from...

The Brand Portal is a modular solution. The webshop for printing and the editor with corporate identity templates form the basis. As a company, you decide which modules you build the platform with.


budget manager

extra storefronts



single sign on

API connections

file folder

database links

stock control

Collaborate faster from any location

Automating operational marketing work saves cost and time while ensuring consistent branding.

The portal organizes the growing collection of templates, images and files. Anyone working on communications is able to modify and use materials at any time and from any location while maintaining the corporate identity. Collaboration becomes more efficient, materials are created faster and file searches are quicker.

As an organization, you can be confident that all marketing activities take place within the brand identity.

A Brand Portal allows you to create and order communication products online by yourself. The system provides the greatest return for organizations with multiple branches or departments that regularly need to make adjustments to marketing materials. Using templates, they can create new expressions according to the corporate identity of the organization. The printed matter can go into production directly on demand at an affiliated printer.

Wim Groels

Financial printed matter

A Brand Portal has a webshop module for all print orders. Each user orders the print materials themselves, even linked to an individual budget. As administrator, you choose which products to offer in the webshop. Business cards, posters, HR documents or banners. Basically all visual materials that can be printed.

A user edits, orders and downloads print materials. The ordering process is fully automated. A placed order is ready for immediate production. As an organization, you select which manufacturer you want to send which order to. Through the order history in their own account, your employee can easily re-order or re-quote.

USP's Brand Portal

Online and offline (print) in one place

Central monitoring, decentral usage

Corporate identity templates

Automatic order flow

API supplier connections

GDPR and ISO 27001 proof

Cloud based and scalable

Hosting and security by SaaS vendor

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