Whitepaper: Brand Portal for print partners

How do you stay the go-to communications partner for your customer? In this informative ebook, you'll discover that you achieve this through a collaboration between a graphic entrepreneur and a software developer. The whitepaper also includes all the features of the online communication platform you can use to accomplish this; the Brand Portal.


Content inspiration paper:

  • Taking care of all communication matters
  • IT challenges in the communication process
  • Joining forces for the best customer solution
  • One complete customer platform: the Brand Portal
  • Benefits Brand Portal for graphic partners and their customers
  • For which customers most useful
  • Brand Portal features
  • All in one platform: The Prindustry Brand Portal
  • Customer cases Brand Portal
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Challenges in completely unburdening clients

Taking care of the customer completely. It sounds like a big cliché, but it’s exactly what it’s about when you want to create the best customer relationship. Also when it concerns taking care of communication materials. As a print manager, your strength lies in producing these materials. IT is an increasingly important part of this process. Large end customers want an online system for managing and ordering their communications.

But in doing so, you run into one of the following issues …

  • You are not an IT expert;
  • You’ve built something yourself, but it doesn’t cover everything;
  • You run into the complexity of software development;
  • You don’t employ your own or only one developer, making you inflexible in software development.

Without a complete IT solution, you are missing out on a long-term connection with the customer. So it’s time to look for the right total solution.

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Future-proofing with collaboration

To handle the total communication process, the customer benefits most from the deployment of the right expertise in the right place. A collaboration between a graphic entrepreneur and a software developer brings the best results.

The graphic entrepreneur is the specialist when it comes to producing communication materials. The software developer provides the software for creating and ordering these materials online. With a collaboration between these specialists, the client’s entire communication process can be conveniently handled from one platform: the Brand Portal.