Brand portal partnerships for the
best customer solution

Content inspiration paper
for print managers

  • The situation: communication procurement customer
  • The solution: joining forces for the best customer solution
  • Features: possibilities of the brand portal
  • Partnerships: brand portal customer solutions
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner
Whitepaper brandportals
Whitepaper partnership brandportal

The situation: communication procurement customer

Completely unburden the customer. It sounds like a big cliché, but it is exactly what matters when you want to create the best customer relationship. Also when it comes to providing communication resources. As a print manager or graphic entrepreneur, your strength lies in producing these materials. Organize high-quality printed matter on time. IT is an increasingly important part of this. Big companies want an online ordering system for all communications. This not only allows them to conveniently order the products, but also to adapt them to their own corporate identity for (re) use. As a full-service print media specialist you also want to handle the activities for the customer in this regard. You want to offer an IT solution for the procurement and design of your client’s communication materials.

but you encounter one of the following issues…

  • You are not an IT expert;
  • You have built something yourself, but it is not good enough and / or you run into the complexity of software development;
  • You do not have your own developer or only one developer, which means that you are not very flexible in software development.

Without a complete IT solution you miss out on a long-term connection with the customer. So it is time to look for the right solution.

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The solution: joining forces for the best customer solution

The end customer benefits most from deploying the right expertise in the right place. A collaboration between a print manager and a software developer provides the best expertise for communication purchasing. Prindustry regularly works with printers and print managers in a triangle partnership for the use of brand portals. The print entrepreneur is the specialist when it comes to the manufacture of communication materials. A graphic specialist knows better than anyone which printing is suitable for which application. Prindustry supplies the software for creating and ordering these communication materials. The automation and security of the IT framework is too important and complex to transfer to another party as an IT specialist. These expertise are united in a brand portal for the end customer.