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Hospitality Brand Portal

With a Brand Portal, you get a communication platform for your hospitality brand. The software is there specifically for managing, creating and ordering all brand communications.

The brand guidelines are laid down in templates, so the output always matches the corporate identity and work processes. Employees can make adjustments themselves, so no time or budget is lost. Thus, they create new posters, menus or online media expressions in no time. Want to order the printed material? That’s easy: Prindustry specializes in developing web2print ordering platforms. All print options are available in the software by default, including price calculations and quotation modules.

The Brand Portal is all about your hospitality brand. It adapts to your needs. You can connect the platform to other systems. A design tool, your ERP solution or financial software. This way you can integrate it into your ideal workflow.

Central process, decentralised use

Head office maintains a central overview and determines who uses which functionalities. This is a cost-effective way of working and prevents all managers from designing and ordering communication tools as they see fit.

Centralization does not mean that only one person is responsible for operations. It is best to work with different roles and rights where you distinguish between designers, designers, order-takers or administrators.

All users access offline and online communications at any time and from any location.


With a Brand Portal, you can compile and order communication products online and under your own management. The system provides the greatest return for organisations with multiple branches or departments that regularly need to make adjustments to marketing materials. Using templates, they can create new expressions in accordance with the organisation's brand style. The printed matter can go directly into production at an affiliated printer. Through smart automation, we all save a lot of time.

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Hospitality printing

A Brand Portal for the hospitality industry also has an ordering module for print orders. Each manager orders print work for their own hospitality expressions. Flyers, POS material or menus.

The process of ordering printed materials is fully automated. The order goes straight into production. You can add your own suppliers, but it is also possible to connect the Brand Portal with producers that offer printing for the hospitality industry.

All files can be adjusted, ordered, downloaded and saved. This way, a product is easily ordered again.

Decide what you connect to the Brand Portal....

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stock management

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