Smarter, faster and cheaper. You achieve that with good automation. Marketing departments are rapidly automating design and ordering processes for an efficient communication management. CHILI publish and Prindustry offer a unique total solution for this.

CHILI’s online editor allows to edit communications within templates with the own corporate identity. Prindustry integrates this editor within their webshops and brandportals. This way, companies can not only easily edit communications, but also manage, sell and purchase them.

Fabian Prudhomme talks about the possibilities of the editor and the partnership with Prindustry.


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Creating on-brand communication

Fabian Prudhomme is Global Vice President Sales & Alliances for CHILI publish, with its headquarters in Belgium. The software developer continues to grow. This has everything to do with their particularly advanced online editor. “With CHILI publisher, companies can present their brand strongly and consistently. Within the editor you can create on-brand visual communication materials within smart templates. The brand components in these templates are fixed. For example, the corporate identity color of a brand like Coca Cola is always the same red color. All different employees from all over the world can quickly adjust the communication expressions within the right appearance. The intervention of a designer for editing is no longer necessary. It saves manual work and reduces costs. Our software is all about shortening and simplifying the design process. Our latest version contains dynamic layouts with which you can even automatically generate different final formats for print and web with one smart template. That way you can really get the most out of every original design.”

Customers in a rapidly digitizing world

CHILI publish defines four types of customer groups: Commercial Print, Labels & Packaging, Agencies and Brands. Major brands such as Philips or Airbus. But also lesser known brands such as Precision Marketing from the United Kingdom. Precision is top-of-mind for Fabian, as the agency responded quickly this year to the new pandemic situation with multichannel e-commerce. “They send offline communication for clients that trigger online actions through QR codes. Without a physical visit, companies can still create a contact moment with, for example, a card in the letterbox. The QR code links the card to an e-commerce website, landing page or video.”

These are direct mailing campaigns that are quickly established with the smart templates in CHILI publisher. The client’s data is converted to variable content in the editor. For cards with QR codes, it is possible to get a print-ready output to generate a PDF at once which are hundreds of variations. The variation is for example another name, text or image. Every action by the recipient of the card is measurable by means of the QR code.

Gary Howard, CEO of Precision, states they are creating benefits with this process right now. “These automated capabilities enable Precision to conveniently merge online and offline e-commerce. To approach new customers in a lock-downed economy, you need to be able to apply both online and offline resources. The choices we have are stark but there is a silver lining for both the advertising sector and print industry.”

Web-to-print partnership with Prindustry

CHILI publish works with various partners to reach customer groups. Prindustry is one of them. “Prindustry is well known in the print media market,” explains Fabian. “The web shops and brand portals are complete ordering and procurement systems for print communication. With the support of the CHILI publisher editor, users can also design communications within the corporate identity of a company. CHILI publisher is part of the solution within the Prindustry ecosystem. Together we have a complete web-to-print solution. Companies that purchase a web portal including our editor from Prindustry also have a major financial advantage. Prindustry purchases a subscription from us, which they divide into smaller costs for their customers. It is an interesting model, which I now also propose to partners in other countries. It’s about a partnership in which you can complement each other well.”

Ramon van Wingerden, director of Prindustry, adds: “CHILI publisher conveniently links smart data to smart templates and produces print-ready output such as a PDF. Prindustry will do the rest. We connect the PDF to print partners and production. Prindustry helps you set up the editor with predefined corporate identity templates. We can arrange for you what users can and cannot manage and adjust. Our template expert Tom provides training to get started with the advanced editor. Our mission and strength is to make connections. We connect all kinds of partners, products and systems through software. You get an all-in-one web-to-print software package with orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information, stock, payment systems, online editing and more from one central system.”

Fabian concludes: “This year we see a strong growth of brands that automate and do this in-house. Rather than middlemen controlling these processes, brand owners are now asking for in-house platforms. The web-to-print total solution from Prindustry and CHILI publish can provide this perfectly.

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