Corporate identity carriers

What are corporate identity carriers and why are they so important to your company's identity? Four tips for the right translation of your corporate identity carriers!


Process corporate identity carriers

Every means of communication should be in the same corporate identity as your brand. You want to properly convey the message within your communication; to the right target audience and, of course, according to the correct branding. A whole process precedes this.

You have to manage, purchase, adapt and reuse the corporate identity carriers. How can you bring more efficiency to this process? So that it not only runs more smoothly and flawlessly, but also saves time and money for the whole team?

4 tips!

Tip 1: Consistency as a basis

Consistency in the company’s expressions is the foundation of any strong brand. The identity should evoke a certain perception among the target audience. To keep this feeling consistent, all different expressions should always be unified and in the right branding. Both in online publications and in offline printed matter. In print, this sometimes goes wrong. Knowledge about printing options, printing techniques, colors, paper types and materials is very important. Often the wrong products or product options are chosen and the corporate identity does not come across well. Be sure to test your communication needs against the printed reality.

Tip 2: Centralize the communication process

You want insight into who can customize and order which corporate identity carrier and for what budget. With a central source you can manage all communications from one platform. This allows you to work cost-efficiently and prevents all employees from designing and ordering communication materials as they see fit. By centralizing the design and ordering process, you maintain control over the communications. This does not have to mean that only one person is responsible for these activities. It is best to work with different roles in which you distinguish between people who design, order or manage.

Tip 3: Apply flexible frameworks

Changing a text or image on an original design. When employees make changes themselves, it often does not benefit the corporate identity. This is something you want to avoid! But hiring a creative for these minor adjustments costs time and money. Make sure your employees can make minor adjustments themselves within branded formats. Formats with fixed brand frameworks, but in which texts or images can be adjusted. This way your team can create what they need and you can be sure that the corporate identity remains intact.

Tip 4: Make use of technology

Nowadays, many processes can be automated. Including the management, purchasing and formatting of all your corporate identity carriers. This is mainly done through SaaS: Software as a Service. Connect different systems to a central communication portal and work faster and more efficiently on all your communications. Your communication workflow can also be simplified!

Think of automated connections with:

  • a design portal
  • printers
  • administration for the entire communication process
  • ERP, DAM or financial software

A corporate identity management system allows you to compose and order brand communications online on your own. Such a system provides the most value for organizations with multiple locations who need to make regular adjustments to marketing materials. Using templates, they can create new expressions according to the organization's branding. The printed materials can go directly into production at an affiliated printing company. Through smart automation, we thus save a lot of time in the communication process.

Wim Groels

All in one communication platform

Brand management software provides one central portal for all corporate identity carriers. With such a Brand Portal, you work together centrally to create a consistent brand image. You can manage, create, publish and order all communication materials from a single system. All PR materials, digital assets and print products.

Everyone working on the brand can modify and use all materials without losing the corporate identity. Companies gain full control over their brand management process. A Brand Portal eliminates unnecessary work and simplifies the formatting and ordering processes.


The Brand Portal

With a Brand Portal, you can conveniently organize the management, modification and ordering of all corporate identity carriers digitally. A Brand Portal provides an enormous online efficiency boost for your entire communication process:

  • One location: A Brand Portal offers one place where all communications can be created and ordered by all different employees.
  • Always access: You have access to offline and online communications at any time and from any location.
  • Manageable settings: The system works with user roles and rights. You decide who can use which functionalities, so the output is manageable.
  • Branding: Through fixed formats and templates, all employees can work within the framework of the corporate identity. They can make adjustments themselves so no time or budget is lost.
  • Online connectivity: A Brand Portal conveniently links to all kinds of systems, so you can handle your entire communication process online: from quotes to invoicing.
  • Online and print: You can connect the portal to print suppliers and automate quotation and purchasing.

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