Corporate identity management system

Brand consistency with all-in-one software. Create, share and order creative materials for any channel. Branding templates and corporate identity printing from one central platform.


Corporate identity management system

A corporate identity management system is useful for the communication management of companies with many locations and many communications. The goal is to organize the creation and ordering of all communication materials from one central source. Print and online media.

Such a portal solves three bottlenecks that many companies experience:

  1. Centralization: Communication is found quickly and in the right files.
  2. Consistency: All communication is created in the same branding by every user.
  3. Speed: Users can immediately publish, share or order expressions.

Corporate identity templates

Templates are the basis of digital corporate identity management. In such a template, you set the framework of the brand in advance. This means, for example, that the company colors or the location of the logo are predetermined and locked in a template. Within these frameworks, an employee can vary text or images. So you create marketing materials in the right branding in no time. And as an added benefit, the marketing team or a designer is no longer burdened with such standard design questions.

The output is an online or print-ready file. For print, a print-ready PDF follows. For social media, the editor generates formats for all platforms. All files are automatically saved for reuse.

Corporate identity printing

On the front end, a corporate identity portal is set up as a webshop. This allows a user to easily order printed materials, format them online, view stock or request a quote. Corporate identity printed matter such as business cards, stationery, brochures, clothing or promotional gifts. Through automated connections, printed materials are automatically forwarded to a printing company.

Orders are stored in each personal user account. An administrator can determine everything about the workflow in the backend system. The product range, budget management, quotation modules, stocks or designs.

Prindustry's corporate identity portal

The Prindustry Brand Portal provides the most complete and efficient corporate identity management platform for consistent brand communication.

The creative software handles all online processes for brand management, marketing content and print procurement. Editing of designs. Sharing files. Ordering the products. Managing budgets or inventory. The system is the single source of truth for everyone involved in creating, sharing and ordering communications.

The Brand Portal can be connected to various systems. Payment modules, ERP solutions, accounting systems or print suppliers. A connection is also possible with expense management programs. This creates one automatic flow for the purchase-to-pay process.

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