Account Portal for incentives

Account management through a gift portal with incentives.
Easy ordering and distribution. Per user budget and stock overview.


An incentive portal may include....

a storefront

A storefront is the front end of an online store. Users easily order products here. This can be done per user with their own login.

an editor

An editor allows users to personalize products. For example, they place a text, logo or photo on the product.

print-ready products

A personalized print product can be immediately transferred to a print producer via automated connections.

a purchase-to-pay flow

One automatic flow for expense management, from quotations and ordering to automated checks and invoice booking.

Product management

There are several ways to fill the portal with products:

  • products where the content (PDF, JPG, etc.) can be downloaded
  • products that can be created by the user and downloaded directly
  • products that are on stock
  • products that can be created by the user and ordered in print

The chief administrator is able to add, modify, delete products and determine their visibility.

Budget control

The platform administrator can allocate a certain budget to the different users. This is done through a wallet module. For each user, you decide specifically how much he or she may spend. The individual users are then free to spend this budget on the products within their own portal.

Stock monitoring

A stock module keeps track of the number of items available in the platform. Users see whether the desired products are in stock and can order them directly. Want to hand out pens with the logo? A cake to reward a reseller? Or send cards to valued accounts? It can all be done from one hub!


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