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One central resource lets you scale your communications efficiently, do business globally and still market locally!


For growing brands

A Marketing Portal, also known as a Brand Portal, is essential for a growing business. The larger a company, the more dispersed employees and branches, the harder it becomes to properly communicate the brand. To grow, you need a scalable way to deploy the right communication tools.

A marketing portal reduces the likelihood that non-uniform or proprietary – poorly designed! – communications floating around, damaging the brand. One central marketing portal gives everyone the right materials, templates and ordering options.

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Key features Marketing Portal

One source

Centralization of data is essential today. With one united location for all brand communications, you can work more efficiently and save a lot of time and money.

The Marketing Portal is the single source of truth for all marketing materials. Everything is in one place and available 24 hours a day.

Document creation

In a Marketing Portal, you can use both fixed marketing products as well as variable marketing products.

The editor provides templates with fixed corporate identity elements in which variable modifications are possible. The output is an online or print-ready file.

Brand consistency

With a marketing platform, you have control over the output of all marketing materials. Users of the Marketing Portal work with the same materials and customize these materials via templates within one corporate identity.

This keeps your brand consistent, wherever you are in the world, and gives a positive recognition.


In the Marketing Portal, you can create profiles, add users and assign authorizations. For example, you can specify which users can only order certain printed materials and for which budget. The administrator must be able to set up the platform for all possible branches and users. The hierarchy is fully customizable.

Order management

The Marketing Portal takes care of the entire management around print orders. Complete with quotes, price calculations and file uploads. On the front end, the marketing platform is set up as a web shop. Here users can (re)order products, personalize, view stock or request a quote. An order goes straight to the producer.

Custom look and feel

You can personalize the Marketing Portal in the look and feel of the company. In the portal itself, employees will find all their own (print) expressions, designs, quotes, order history and other products. The Marketing Portal is focused on your company. So it can be completely customized to your needs and way of working.

Bulk gone, time for creative actions!

Companies save money by centralizing activities and reducing the number of one-time communication requests from employees.  With a marketing platform, communications teams no longer have to handle huge amounts of standard or one-off tasks, but instead gain time for the really important, creative actions.

Employees can use a marketing portal to search and edit all marketing items themselves, always within the brand’s corporate identity framework.

In a nutshell: You save money and time, while maintaining the corporate identity in all marketing tools used.

Your software developer: Prindustry

Private cloud

Prindustry offers the Marketing Portal as a cloud-based system. With cloud-based software, you have lower costs because you don’t need hardware or maintenance yourself.

Hosting in EU

Prindustry’s servers are located in the EU. The Marketing Portal runs on its own web servers and has a valid TLS (SSL) certificate. By using an SSL certificate, all data is sent encrypted.

GDPR and ISO proof

The Marketing Portal complies with the laws and regulations of the GDPR. Prindustry is also ISO 27001 certified, the standard for information security.

Web2print expert

Prindustry is a specialist in the automated online printing process. There are few parties in the market with a comprehensive print ordering system. Prindustry is the Benelux market leader with web2print platforms.

System integrations

Prindustry works well with many partners so the marketing platform offers several additional systems for coupling. Numerous modules can be added, for example for quotations, budget, accounting or inventory.

Continuous development

Prindustry developers ensure full and continuous development and secure operation of the Prindustry SaaS platform. With an in-house developers team, they can respond quickly to questions or problems.

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