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Content whitepaper:

  • Efficiency in your communication process
  • 4 tips to keep your communication rock solid
    Consistency as a base
    Centralise the process
    Create flexible frameworks
    Make us of technology
  • All-in-one solution
  • One communication platform: The Brand Portal
  • Benefits Brand Portal for brand owners
  • Features: possibilities of the Brand Portal
  • All-in-one platform: The Prindustry Brand Portal
  • Customer cases Prindustry Brand Portal
    Smid Media Solutions
    City of Antwerp
    Arvato Bertelsmann
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Efficiency in the communication process

As a company you want to position yourself as a strong brand. You achieve such an optimal brand experience when you consistently make the right translation of the chosen corporate identity to all communication media. Whether it concerns brochures, business cards, social media banners or corporate clothing.

This means that the process of ordering, adjusting and producing all brand expressions must be carefully coordinated. You want control over all communications that are distributed. Perhaps employees now design at their own discretion. Or  knowledge is lacking to order printed materials correctly. You may also have all sorts of separate systems around the
communication process

It’s time to bring more efficiency to this process!

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4 tips to keep your communication rock solid

You want to get your communication message across properly; to the right target group and, of course, according to the correct corporate identity.

An entire process precedes this.

How can you make this process more efficient? So that it not only runs smoothly and flawlessly, but also saves time and money for the entire team? In this whitepaper you will discover how you can manage, adjust and order all communication materials efficiently from one Brand Portal platform.

Starting with 4 tips!