Real Estate Marketing Platform

A marketing platform allows real estate professionals to market communication campaigns quickly and flawlessly. Employees can edit marketing items themselves using predefined templates from the communication team. Print materials can be ordered immediately with connected printers.


Real estate marketing

Real estate professionals want to deploy the right communications at the right time. These marketing expressions should always be on-brand and up-to-date. Therefore, more and more communications teams have the need to structure all activities digitally. This is especially true for large departments that are often very busy. They want to organize their management as efficiently as possible.

That can be done with a Marketing Platform!

A digital platform helps you when you experience these problems in marketing:

no central system

You now don’t have a central system where you can find, reuse and order all communications conveniently and quickly.

many locations

You have many locations or departments with different employees who all organize communication in their own way.

many design questions

(Internal) designers continuously make adjustments to designs, because when employees do it themselves, inconsistency arises.

print is complex

Ordering print products is a difficult task. There are numerous product options and producers available to choose from.

Real Estate Marketing Platform

A Real Estate Marketing Platform becomes the hub of all your communication activities. All materials in the portal are up-to-date and easily accessible. It makes the entire communication process more efficient, saving time and money.

  • Consistency as the basis: Every expression in a controlled branding, both for online media and print.
  • Centralizing processes: One central source with all the right files, usable by employees with various user settings.
  • Flexible frameworks for reuse: No two marketing materials are the same. Employees can create their own localized and customized materials within templates with corporate identity frameworks.
  • Latest technologies: Automation is important for a fast time-to-market. You can connect the platform with various systems. ERP solutions or financial software.

Prindustry’s Marketing Platform

Prindustry’s Marketing Platform combines all of these possibilities in one SaaS portal. It is software for managing, designing and ordering brand communications.

  • Assurance of brand identity
  • Simplification of the communication ordering process
  • A fully automated system

The Marketing Platform is there for your company. That means it adapts to your corporate identity and work processes. There is a fully automatic workflow for orders, invoicing or quotations. With the portal there is full control over all aspects of the communication process, depending of course on the assigned roles.

  • Unique! Templates linked to your database. You generate a PDF with hundreds of variants in one go.

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Case housing associations

Wim Groels: "We have connected housing corporations to a Marketing Platform. These are organizations with many different departments and locations, for whom it is convenient to manage communication materials centrally. Everyone can log in from any location and find, modify and order the various communications. Employees often spend a lot of time on repetitive communication jobs and can streamline this better with the portal. Smart automation saves an organization so much time."

Wim Groels

Enterprise SaaS oplossingen

Prindustry’s Real Estate Marketing Platform is a software solution that has been rolled out to many brand owners.

A Marketing Platform, also known as a Brand Portal, is designed specifically for communication management for companies with many locations and a lot of communication. Each portal offers modules for orders, quotes, invoicing, inventory management or design.


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