Anyone can start a webshop, but you need some professional knowledge to start a good webshop. It is important to know what you want to achieve with the webshop, which target group you want to approach and why these customers should order from you. That is exactly what Marcel Haumann researched before he put on the market. “Through an extensive analysis of the market, we saw opportunities to launch a webshop with a wide range of printed products.” Meet this new online print provider!






Standardized printing

Marcel has been involved in the printing industry for a while. With parent company Rekafa Special Products, he offers communication solutions from Venlo in The Netherlands. “From idea to end product, large or small runs, complex or simple processes. Rekafa Special Products often involves partial operations and complete projects. However, we also see that more and more printed products are being standardized, making an increasingly wide range suitable for online sales. This led to our market research for an online print shop, resulting in (Dutch for Printingonline).”

Wide online range

The focus of is clear: “We offer printed articles that are competitive in the market and are therefore interesting for our customers. It concerns a wide range. From brochures and envelopes to postcards and printing sets. There are also many special productions. From coasters and popcorn boxes to exam paper and a poker card game. We are expanding this range further. We can already tell you that we will soon be offering hardcover books, which will bring a price revolution.”

Compete on price

In the busy online printing landscape, there are many providers who say they have the cheapest price. Marcel also dares to enter that discussion. “The price remains an important factor. Our primary goal online is to be price competitive. We can say that with 85 to 90 percent of our products we are cheaper than the existing and large webshops. We buy all products from suppliers from all over Europe, which means that we have selected the best supplier for every discipline.”

Prindustry exactly what we were looking for!

Marcel’s market research also led to Prindustry, for the software platform for the webshop. “Prindustry offers the possibility to set up a printing webshop from one central system where you have the option to set it up according to your own wishes. It is not an expensive, tailor-made webshop. You use existing technology that is focused on print products. With product information, orders, quotations, invoicing and accounting in one package. That was exactly what we were looking for! We took ample time for the interior. There was also a lot to do: enter more than a million prices, supply product information, adjust the layout, create working drawings and test them. Experience shows that there is a lot involved in creating a webshop. Although a ready-made portal will be delivered, the most work will start after that. You do not need programming knowledge, with a good knowledge of Excel you can go a long way. Fortunately, we were supported well by Prindustry with all the (im)possibilities of the platform. The collaboration is extremely pleasant.”

Webshop without fuss

“Buyers are lazy by nature,” says Marcel. “They want clarity to be able to order as easily as possible. That is why a webshop must be mainly lean and mean, with clear navigation and a good appearance. As a new webshop we have to prove ourselves. Quality is self-evident, without quality you have no right to exist. In addition, you can only distinguish yourself. We want to do that with a clear, fast webshop without fuss, a wide range and competitive rates.”

Ready for printing opportunities!

“We start from scratch and will prove ourselves from now on”, Marcel looks ahead. “We will also promote our webshop on social media and Google. You have to create opportunities yourself. That starts with announcing the webshop. Because you can still have such a beautiful webshop with products, customers must be able to find you online. We are positive about this, also during this period. Printed matter remains a perfect means of communication, especially at a distance in this coronacrisis. Printed communication will always remain. We are ready!”

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