Control Media has made a complete turnaround with their business operations. They have been transformed from a purely commercial printing company to a graphic production company that gets 70 percent of their turnover from webshops. “We are completely automated,” says director Leon van Nunen. A connection as a supplier with the Prindustry platform belonged with that automation.


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Transformation organization

“It’s funny how things can change,” says Leon. “After a few lean years, more orders came our way again as a result of our transformation. Customers suddenly came to us from within themselves! ” Such innovation does not come about by itself. Control Media’s entire corporate culture had to be adapted. “We have changed the whole process. There is a flat organizational structure, in which teams have been created that can switch quickly. It’s all about flexibility and speed. What comes in today must be out today or tomorrow.”

Predictable online

The new company profile is paying off. “All known webshops call us. We are predictable as an online printer: you always get the desired product at a certain time. Graphic webshops are all about standard printing products, such as folders, flyers or brochures. The printing market consists of 80 percent of this standard printed matter and we are responding to that. We are certainly not a one-stop-shopping model. The orders for this standard printed matter are produced around the clock, the machines run everything immediately. We also continue to invest with our machinery. We have just purchased a new printing press with LED technology. With this technology, the printed matter dries immediately. That way the orders can get out even faster.”

Customers return

According to the enthusiastic entrepreneur it is important that you put enough energy into your web activities. “Two years ago I hired a colleague to take care of e-commerce. There is a lot of time involved in managing a webshop properly. Heleen ensures that our products and prices are good in the webshop, that the assignments go well and that people are quickly approached. This is also the case for the orders from the Prindustry platform. With this commitment we have become stronger online. We see greater growth every month. At a certain point, customers come back again because they know they can rely on you.”

Growth with Prindustry

A marketplace. According to Leon van Nunen, this is in one word the best description for the Prindustry platform. The platform behind a Prindustry webshop is a place where supply and demand come together. Resellers can search products from various suppliers, such as Control Media. “It is an interesting model where parties can buy at the source producer. There is no one else with such a link mechanism to a marketplace platform. Prindustry is investing more and more in software development and that is also necessary. I am convinced that many more companies will join online that are still ordering in the traditional way. Our turnover grows by 20 percent per year and we expect that this will increase further. As an organization, you must continuously steer on that growth. With people, training, machines and vision.”

The successful Control Media webshop has been developed by Prindustry. They also offer their products in the Prindustry marketplace to other resellers.

Control Media Prindustry klantsessie

News by 2023: Control Media renews to hybrid printing company including small runs!

The print manufacturer from Etten-Leur (NL) is shifting its focus to a hybrid print shop with new ordering options in the web shop from 25 pieces and up.

180,000 orders per year, 80 percent turnover through the web shop, 10,000 m2 of production hall – which is being expanded – and all that with 125 employees – only 6 percent of whom work in the office, because the company runs on highly automated processes. These are great figures, which Control Media achieves by taking a purposeful approach. Moreover, the producer does not seem afraid to continually refine that focus. Over the years, new approaches emerged. There was a focus on sales via the webshop, on brochures, flyers and leaflets and on the target group of resellers.

Hans Bruyns of Control Media explained the latest developments during the Prindustry customer session in late 2022: “We are becoming a hybrid printing company. That means that we will not only print digitally and offset, but offer both forms hybrid. As of December 1 (2022), we at Control Media will determine which presses an order will be printed on. Our philosophy is, that today the quality of both presses is equal. Especially for the end customer, who is not checking the printed matter with a magnifying glass. He really doesn’t care whether it’s inkjet or offset.”

The hybrid workflow is not the only thing the print manufacturer is changing. “Starting December 1, 2022, we will offer print runs as low as 25. Up to a print run of 250, you can order by 25.”

Next steps are also imminent. “Probably soon we will offer any number online. For example, 11,937 brochures. Furthermore, up to a certain print run, we want to deliver the products all next-day.”

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