Digital Asset Management

Find out more about Digital Asset Management. What is it? And which DAM systems and software are out there?
Prindustry's Brand Portal integrates with DAM software.


Digital asset management system

To manage digital assets properly, you need a digital asset management system. A digital asset management system provides a clear process for storing, sharing, downloading and managing files. A DAM system is an indispensable tool in many companies. There are several types of systems, but the core is that there’ s a central storage hub. This central hub can be accessed from anywhere (at work). Employees can quickly find and use the desired media. Different roles and permissions can be set for users. Often the marketing department is responsible for the system.

A DAM system gives the most return on investment when you add additional digital asset management tools that are of value to the company. With a corporate identity template tool, for example, you ensure that the digital assets are consistently created in the correct corporate identity.

Digital asset management software

The choice of digital asset management software determines the success of your DAM system. The software automates the entire process surrounding media assets. Managing, sharing, downloading or publishing. The software provides a single source of truth; one central place where all files are connected.

You can connect some DAM software with other programs. Be it with a design tool, ERP or financial software.

You can purchase the software as SaaS or open source. Open source often starts out free, but you are responsible for hosting and maintenance. With SaaS, you don’t have to worry about updates and ongoing development.

Herewith some well-known DAM software providers.

Adobe DAM

There are many players in the market offering DAM systems. Anyone searching for “digital asset management system” on Google will get more than 3 million search results. Adobe DAM can be found high in those search results. With the Adobe Experience Manager Assets, you get a scalable, open source hub for organizing, storing and retrieving digital assets. It connects to a variety of other enterprise software solutions.

DAM Bynder

Bynder is another well-established name. Bynder’s DAM is another scalable solution, this time as pure SaaS, for managing and customizing assets. From the cloud, teams worldwide can quickly publish and customize on-brand content. DAM Bynder provides a single source of truth for the entire content library.

DAM Pimcore

DAM Pimcore is open source digital asset management software that centralizes all media assets. Pimcore’s platform has features such as VR/360 images, automatic face recognition and image editing. The platform also offers modules for PIM, MDM, CDP, DXP/CMS and Digital Commerce.

WoodWing Assets

WoodWing Assets (formerly Elvis DAM) is another software solution. The open, scalable platform provides one place to find, organize and enrich all media files. Integration is possible with Adobe Creative Cloud and a Brand Portal for sharing final materials. WoodWing Assets is open software, which is also available as SaaS. With this option, you have more control over technology investments.

DAM Prindustry

Prindustry’s Brand Portal integrates with DAM software.

The Brand Portal focuses on brand and procurement management. At its core, the platform is a corporate identity management system with an ordering portal for print materials.

Users can manage, format and order visual marketing materials from a single platform. The platform provides a marketing webshop, including quote, budget and invoicing modules and procurement connections with print suppliers. There is an online editor for customizing communication products.

This SaaS software thus specializes in brand management ánd the purchasing of print assets. The platform can be connected to various products, partners and systems.


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