Brand Portal for sports organizations

Simple, fast and always consistent in the corporate identity

Ordering online and making branding changes

A Brand Portal is an ordering and editing platform for communication products. A one-stop system, with various options for employees or managers from the different sports locations.

On the front end, the Brand Portal is set up like a webshop. This allows users to easily (re)order printed materials, format them online, view stock or request a quote. Using corporate identity templates, they can customize a product appropriately. The ordering process is fully automated. A main administrator can determine everything about the workflow in the backend system with modules for budget, designs or accounting.

Comprehensive communication process

There are many demands in the communication process of a sports organization. For a streamlined process, there are requirements for online ordering, personalization of expressions, authorizations or connections to accounting or ERP systems. In addition, you have to deal with security requirements, the GDPR, reporting, invoicing, payments or different budgets per sports venue. This complexity requires careful software development.

Prindustry can organize that for you in one go with this Brandportal!


The Brand Portal is especially suitable for sports clubs with...

many locations

The users of the platform can access both offline and online communications at any time and from anywhere.

brand management

Employees customize expressions themselves in templates. Certain corporate identity items are locked, such as the logo or colors.

various communications

One single source helps manage, modify and order all communications quickly and flawlessly.

repetitive content

Only one design needs to be made. After that, the material can be localized with each new campaign.

Vision on communication

Prindustry is an independent software partner. We can connect the platform with print partners in the market, but we do not determine where and how to order. The daily management is completely in the hands of the sports club, Prindustry is there for maintenance and further development. Moreover, we see the IT system as more than a print order portal. Companies use offline and online communication and want to be able to use this flexibly from one source.

A Brand Portal is not useful for every sports club. For example, if you communicate little or have only one location. A Brand Portal is of value when the complexity of communication is high. Sports organizations with many people working on the marketing expressions, with many locations or several brands. Different roles and permissions can be set for all desired users. You tailor the system completely to the needs of your sports company.

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