From 1 July 2021, the Netherlands has a deposit system for small plastic bottles. The company behind this, Statiegeld Nederland (Deposit Money Netherlands), wanted an online ordering system for all campaign materials to generate awareness of the new deposit system. The new order portal demonstrates the power of collaboration between software developer Prindustry, print partner Smid Media Solutions and editor developer CHILI publish.


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Provide campaign online

As of July 2021, there is a deposit of 0.15 euro on small plastic bottles of soft drinks and water in The Netherlands. A nationwide campaign must make people in the Netherlands aware of this. Deposit Money Netherlands wanted all campaign materials for this in an online system for ordering and personalization by all collection sites, such as sports clubs, supermarkets, cinemas or gas stations. However, Statiegeld did not yet have a web portal or ordering system at all.

All campaign materials in one Brand Portal

Prindustry developed an ordering portal for all communications. This is a Brand Portal that provides a one-stop ordering and creation platform for all users. It is ideal for organisations with multiple decentralised locations or brands. Each user can get his own login for a personal account in the web platform. The various collection sites can find the campaign materials needed to inform customers about the new deposit system and the recycling of plastic bottles. The materials include deposit bins, complete campaign packages and POS materials such as clicker stickers, posters and window stickers. The materials can be downloaded, ordered and personalised.

The power of collaboration

The new order portal demonstrates the strength of the cooperation between software developer Prindustry, print partner Smid Media Solutions and editor developer CHILI publish.
Print manager Smid Media Solutions receives the print orders automatically. This saves all parties a lot of time and ensures an error-free communication process.
All collection sites can make their own adjustments to the communication materials locally with the integrated online editor of CHILI publish. They can personalise the marketing materials within templates with the corporate identity of Deposit Money Netherlands. Users can upload their own logo and optionally enter the charity for which they may be collecting the deposit.

Campagnemateriaal Statiegeld Nederland
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The correct expertise in one partnership

An end customer benefits most from the deployment of the right expertise in the right spot. This collaboration between a print manager, a software developer and an online editor provides the best expertise for the Brand Portal for Deposit Money Netherlands!

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