Brand Portal for graphic partners

Gain control of communications for your customers.
One online marketing ordering portal.
Together with IT partner Prindustry the best communication solution for the customer.

For which customers

A Brand Portal is there for brand owners. But a Brand Portal is not useful for every brand owner.

A Brand Portal is mostly useful when the complexity of communication in a company is high. Companies with many people, many branches or many brands. Or companies where the diversity of communication products is increasing. With the Brand Portal, employees can access offline and online communications at any time and from any location.

The platform is also there specifically for companies that have corporate identity monitoring at the top of their priority list. Employees can modify marketing expressions themselves in templates in which the brand identity is maintained. The corporate identity elements are locked, such as the colors or location of the logo.

A Brand Portal fits well with clients with these characteristics:

lots of communication

The platform provides one central source for managing, creating and ordering all marketing communications.

many locations

All communications are available from any location 24 hours a day. Each user can be given different roles and rights.

consistent branding

Everyone works with the same materials. Adjustments to designs are done within templates with corporate identity frameworks.

repetitive campaigns

Only one design is required. After that, a user can customize and locate the material for reuse by themselves.

Futureproof with partnership

Nowadays, your customer expects a lot in their communication process. Like being able to manage, create and order all communication tools in an automated way. In addition, they have requirements for online payments, inventory management, rights and roles, AVG, security and connections. Connections with online creation software, ERP, DAM and purchase-to-pay systems.

To realize this properly, collaboration is essential. The IT complexity for such an online communication portal is too great for a print partner to handle alone. Prindustry works with the print partner to provide this. Prindustry is the IT company that handles the automation via Brandportal software and does not produce anything itself. The graphics partner produces everything in the print process. In this way, we can jointly create value and make processes more efficient for brand owners.

You stand out with a Brand Portal for your customers. Such a portal allows customers to compose and order communications online on their own. The system gives the most return on investment for companies with multiple branches that regularly need to make adjustments to marketing materials. Through templates, they can create new expressions according to the corporate identity of the organization. The printed materials can go directly into production at our print shop.

Wim Groels

Closer look at the software

The Brand Portal provides your customer with a central source for managing, editing and ordering all communication materials. It is available from any location, with specific settings per user.

On the front end, the Brandportal is set up like a webshop with an automated order flow and design tool. Employees generate new communications themselves using templates in which the corporate identity components are defined. The desired printed matter can go directly into production. As an administrator, you can determine everything about the products in the backend system. Such as the assortment, budgets or quotation management.


Benefits for you and your customer:

Online and offline (print) in one place

Central management, decentralised use

Access from any location

Brand design templates

Different roles and rights

Budget and stock management

Hosting and security by SaaS provider

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