Brand Portal for print managers and creative partners

Prindustry collaborates frequently with print managers, printers and other creative partners. Prindustry's Brand Portal provides software to complete the entire communication process for the customer.


Working together for the best customer solution

What you need is a good online solution to manage your customer’s entire communication process. An IT solution for ordering the products, requesting quotes and adapting designs within the corporate identity. A solution that also takes into account different user roles, the GDPR, security and can link with design tools, ERP, DAM or purchase-to-pay systems.

To achieve this in the best possible way, collaboration is essential. The IT complexity for such an online communication portal is too great for a creative partner to handle on its own. Prindustry works with the creative partner for this. Prindustry is the IT company handling the automation through software called the Brand Portal. Each party retains its own expertise; Prindustry does not produce communication products itself.

A strong partnership where you deliver the best solution for the customer from your own expertise!

Benefits of the Brand Portal solution


From a single platform, you work together on the communications. The guidelines are fixed, so the output is always in line with your client’s brand identity and work processes. This way everyone works efficiently on a strong customer brand.


The Brand Portal works with user roles and rights. You decide who uses which functionalities. For example, you create your own product assortment or manage budgets. The entire process is manageable and in control.


The Brand Portal is there for your customers. That means it adapts to their needs and way of working. With its flexible nature, it connects to your existing systems. This way you can integrate it into the ideal workflow.

The right customers

A Brand Portal is there to serve your customer, a brand owner. It connects particularly well with customers with these characteristics:

lots of communication

The platform provides one central source for managing, creating and ordering all marketing communications.

many locations

All communications are available from any location 24 hours a day. Each user can be given different roles and rights.

consistent branding

Everyone works with the same materials. Adjustments to designs are done within templates with corporate identity frameworks.

repetitive campaigns

Only one design is required. After that, a user can customize and locate the material for reuse by themselves.

Alcon completely unburdened by strong partnership!

“We want to offer our resellers a modern ordering portal in which they order our marketing materials.”

That was the request from Alcon, manufacturer of contact lenses and eye drops, to Printing Company Altorffer. Alcon has been coming to the printer for years for their printed materials, POS materials for all stores, and since 2023 they also wanted to deploy an efficient order portal. Prindustry was brought in as the IT partner.

It resulted in a strong cooperation for the end customer, with our specialties complementing each other to deliver the best customer solution!


Decide what you connect to the Brandportal....

printing webshop

brand templates

media manager

budget control

stock management

single sign on





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