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Prindustry's software provides portals where employees compose and order the communications themselves.
Templates are available to personalize communications within the desired frameworks.
The printed material automatically proceeds to the supplier for production.


Webshop with design tool

The Brand Portal offers a structured communication process. The basis is an online ordering portal for printed matter featuring an editor with corporate identity templates.

The head office manages the processes centrally and the various locations independently adjust and order communication materials. Centrally you determine which products and templates become available. As administrator, you assign different settings to each user for visibility or budget, for example.

Multiple communication systems are connected. The platform links to a creation tool, printers, ERP, DAM or purchase-to-pay systems.

Optimize communication process

This platform offers maximum value for organizations in education that:

  • desire a central system for all communications.
  • have many locations or departments.
  • want to bring every expression in the same branding.
  • want to automate creation and ordering processes.
  • work with tenders and want a platform independent of tenders.

We work for an education organisation that uses a Brand Portal with corporate identity management for all their communication. All location managers adjust the communication themselves within templates with fixed corporate identity elements. The print orders go through automatically in the form of a verified PDF. In this way, the organisation can be confident that all communications have the same look and feel.

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Publish and print

Web2publish and web2print: the platform offers both. Created files can be downloaded, published and ordered immediately. Saving is also possible, so you easily reuse them.

There is a fully automated order flow for all the printing an education institution needs. Within the ordering process you can personalize and control the printed material. Price and scale calculations are built in by default. The user immediately sees delivery times and costs per product. The order goes through to the contracted printer in the form of a PDF.

The backend contains all modules for financial administration. Accounting, payments, invoicing, as well as quotations.

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Some optional modules...

stock management

There is a module for showing stock by product. You can extend this with products lending.

media manager

Find all the images and files you want to provide to employees in one hub.


Assign different rights and roles to your team members or other stakeholders.


In the multilingual user interface, you have the option of choosing different languages

budget control

Assign a specific budget to each user.

data connections

Link databases to the communication templates.


Export invoices to your preferred accounting environment.

single sign on

Log into all desired systems at once.

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