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The Prindustry Brandportal is a platform for managing, creating and ordering communication products. One central system, with decentralized options for various users. Many modules can be added, such as for quotations, design, budget, payments or accounting. As a company, you decide what fits into the ideal workflow.


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The Brand Portal is ideal for companies with...

many locations

Users can access offline and online communications anytime and from any location.

brand control

Customize content in templates with fixed corporate identity elements, such as color or font.

lots of content

One central portal organizes all communication flawlessly and quickly.

repeat campaigns

A design only needs to be done once. Then the material can be modified and localized.

Design in brand templates

With the Brand Portal, you work together centrally on a consistent brand image.

Within the design tool you create on-brand visual communication materials using smart templates. The corporate identity elements are predefined, so you maintain brand consistency. Within these frameworks you can vary with text and images.

Did you know that a smart template can generate different formats? Online communication expressions are often needed in different formats. A banner, post or story for Facebook has other requirements than Instagram or LinkedIn. The editor can generate dynamic formats for all platforms from one smart template.
The output is a print-ready PDF or image. All created designs are automatically saved, so you can easily adapt and reuse them next time.

Automate the order process

Create the most efficient workflow and automate processes.

Automate the ordering process for printed materials, such as a business card or flyer. Prindustry is specialized in the development of web2print order platforms. All print options are available as standard in the software. Select the desired ordering options in the webshop module, and you will immediately see the delivery times and costs.

Would you like to automate your procurement process? That’s possible too! Add your own suppliers, or connect the Brand Portal with producers who offer printing within the ordering platform.

You can also connect the platform to modules for accounting, quotations or cost management. This creates a purchase-to-pay flow for the entire communication process. From orders to automatic invoice control.


We deploy the Brand Portal for a major childcare organization. They use it as an ordering system with corporate identity management for all their communications. All 60 location managers adjust the communication themselves within templates with fixed corporate identity elements. The print orders go through automatically in the form of a verified PDF. In this way, the head office can be confident that all communications are in the same look and feel.

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Centralised management, decentralised use

With the Brand Portal, a company manages its processes centrally and employees can adjust and order marketing material locally. The Brand Portal works with roles and rights. You determine who can use which functionalities, ensuring that you are in control of the output.

Within the platform we distinguish between frontend users and backend administrators. A user can make adjustments to the communication and order it. An administrator has access to the management system with modules such as products, orders, stock, shipping methods or suppliers. The administrator can also assign a certain budget to the individual users.

The Brand Portal is the single source of truth for all users in the communication process.


Frequent users in focus

Marketing team

The portal helps automate operational work. It catches first-line questions that take a lot of time. Creating and looking up materials is faster, collaboration becomes more efficient.

Brand managers

A central platform helps the brand manager monitor the brand’s corporate identity. It becomes easier to ensure that the entire company is communicating the correct brand message.


For minor changes in communication, employees no longer need to go to headquarters. They implement this themselves within corporate identity templates.

Media partners

Printers or media agencies often work as an extension of the marketing team. A Brand Portal is useful for finding, creating and ordering all the right communication tools.

Each of these users can be given different roles and permissions.

Benefits Brand Portal

One communication platform

Online and offline products

Rights and roles

Corporate identity monitoring

Supplier connections

Automatic order flow

System integrations

Purchase-to-pay process

Additional modules for budget, quotations, stock

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