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The Brand Portal


From the Brand Portal, you work together centrally to create a consistent brand image. The frameworks and guidelines are fixed, so the output is always in line with your corporate identity and work processes. In this way, everyone in the organization works efficiently together on a strong brand.


The Brand Portal provides user management with various roles and permissions. You decide who uses which functionalities. You control budgets, create assortments and connect suppliers. And because everyone works within the same portal, the entire process is manageable and in control.


The Brand Portal is all about your business. That means it adapts to your needs and workflow. Thanks to its flexible nature, it can be conveniently connected to existing systems. ERP solutions, printers or financial software, such as AFAS or SAP. This allows you to integrate it into your ideal workflow.

Design in brand templates

Each user of the platform edits and orders marketing materials themselves. Always within the corporate identity of the company.

The editor provides templates with fixed branding elements in which variable adjustments are possible. This keeps your brand consistent, wherever you are in the world, and ensures positive brand recognition.

Within one template you can create different formats. Landscape or portrait, with the same data. For print or web. Create your PDF, JPG or whatever file you want.

All files are saved for easy reuse and ordering.

Automation order process

Create the most efficient workflow through automation!

The Brand Portal handles all print orders fully automated right up to the producer. At the front end, the platform is set up as a webshop. From here, users order products, personalize items, view stock or request a quote. An order can go directly into production.

Want to connect other processes? That too is possible! The platform connects with online creation software, ERP, DAM and purchase-to-pay systems.


Our communications department used to get a lot of marketing requests from all locations. Now we use Prindustry's Brand Portal for ordering and editing the print materials of all the different GGZ locations. It has corporate identity templates per product and per GGZ sub-brand. When you log in, there are ready-to-order products by brand. For some products, location information is filled in automatically, as with stationery. For other products, templates have been prepared in which some variables can be adjusted, such as business cards. It saves us a lot of time!

Inge Postma & Marco KuipersGGZ Friesland

Modules in the Brand Portal

The platform is modular. The webshop for printing and the editor with corporate identity templates form the basis. As an organization, you decide which other modules to add to create the best workflow. Some options are:

budget control

Assign a specific budget to each user.

stock management

Display the available quantity of a product.

media manager

Manage images, templates, videos and data files from one hub.


Assign various roles, rights and authorizations per user.


Link storefronts with diverse look and feel. Own URL, one backend.

data connections

Connect databases to the design templates in the editor.


Export invoices to your Gripp, Afas or King environment.

single sign on

Log into all desired systems at once.

Centralised management, decentralised use

With the Brand Portal, a company manages processes centrally, while many communication tasks are decentralized.

It is a scalable platform that connects stakeholders from multiple locations. For example, internally marketing staff or location managers and externally advertising agencies or printers.
It works with roles and rights. An administrator determines who uses which functionalities and has control over products, budgets or suppliers. Users edit, publish and order communications independently.

With one source you work together more efficiently and save a lot of time, money and mistakes.

Want to know more? A Brand Portal expert will be happy to show you a customized online demo!

USPs Prindustry Brand Portal

Online and offline (print) in one place

Access from any location

Brand templates

Automatic order flow

API supplier connections

GDPR and ISO 27001 proof

Central monitoring

Cloud based and scalable

Hosting and security by SaaS vendor

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