The Brand Portal: Efficient, flexible and in control

A strong brand for brand owners

Maintaining a strong brand is not that easy. All employees from all different locations need to organize, customize and order communications in the same corporate identity.

Our Brand Portal provides the greatest return on investment for brand consistency for brand owners who:

  • have multiple locations, departments or brands.
  • want to bring every marketing expression into a controlled corporate identity.
  • need regular (repetitive) communication.
  • are looking to automate creation and ordering processes for communication tools.

Central management, local use

With a SaaS Brand Portal, a company manages processes centrally and employees can customize and order marketing materials locally. The Brand Portal works with roles and authorisations. You determine who can use which functionalities so the output is manageable.

We distinguish between front-end users and back-end administrators. Each user gets a login for a personal account. A front-end user can order and design. A backend administrator has access to the management system. Here, for example, you will find the modules for products, orders, stock, shipping methods or suppliers. The administrator can also assign a certain budget to the users of the online portal.


Design tool corporate identity management

In The Brand Portal you work together centrally on a consistent brand identity. Within the design tool you create on-brand visual communication materials within smart templates. The brand components are fixed. Within these fixed corporate identity elements you can vary with text and images. In this way, everyone in the organization works together efficiently on a strong brand.

A single smart template can generate more than one format. The output is a print-ready PDF or an image. All created designs are automatically saved, so they can be easily reused and modified the next time.

With its flexible nature, The Brand Portal can connect to existing systems. ERP solutions or financial software like Twinfield, AFAS, Exact, SAP, King, ProActive or Gripp. This allows you to integrate it into your ideal workflow.


Automating the print ordering process

For printed materials, such as a business card or flyer, there is an automated ordering process. The user can select the desired ordering options in The Brand Portal. You see immediately what the delivery times and costs are.

In the steps of the ordering process, the user can upload a PDF, use a verification tool or design a file in the online editor. The order can go into production directly. You can add your own suppliers, but it is also possible to connect The Brand Portal with producers who offer printing within the Prindustry platform.


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