Brand Management Portal software

One central online brand portal is very useful for organizing brand management. Internal and external stakeholders can work on the brand from one source of truth. Find out when brand management portal software is most functional for companies and which users can benefit most from it.


What is brand management?

The goal of brand management is to apply the brand consistently everywhere. Maintaining a strong brand image requires consistent brand recognition. Branding that deviates from the corporate identity harms the credibility of the brand.

Good brand management ensures that all communications are deployed in a controlled manner and are available to stakeholders everywhere in the right way.

Brand management portal

A brand management portal organizes brand management from an online portal.

A central, digital system allows you to manage, create and publish all communications. Everyone working on the brand can modify and use the materials. This is always done within formats with fixed frameworks for the corporate identity. An online portal simplifies the management of all assets and prevents unnecessary work. Editing and ordering processes are automated.

It saves marketing teams a lot of time.

The portal is most useful for companies with...

many locations

The assigned users have access to all offline and online communications of the company, at any time and from any location.

brand monitoring

Users customize their own design in templates. Certain corporate identity elements are locked, such as colors or fonts.

lots of content

One central platform helps to flawlessly and quickly manage, customize and order all marketing content.

repetitive campaigns

Only one design needs to be created. Then the material can be localized with content for local campaigns.

And for which companies not at all?

A portal is not useful for every company. For example, not for companies that constantly need customized designs. Nor for companies that do business on a smaller scale, rather than through many channels or locations. In these cases, purchasing a portal is system overkill and will not contribute to the efficiency.

Brand management software options

A search on the Internet will give you a range of search results for brand management software solutions. These are usually a combination of systems such as a brand portal, digital asset management and web2print. Although various definitions of these systems circulate, a brand portal is generally a corporate identity management system. Using corporate identity templates, users can manage and format marketing materials. A DAM system is more like an online hub, a central image bank for storing and sharing the digital files. With web2print software, you can convert the communication into printed materials. You can create the printed materials online and then order them.

The software solutions are available for B2C and B2B applications. Moreover, they can often be connected to each other. It all depends on what a company specifically needs for its brand management.

Users brand management portal

A brand management portal can be used internally and externally. Internally for colleagues like marketing staff or branch managers and externally for stakeholders like advertising agencies or printing companies.

The system is the single source of truth for everyone involved with the brand.

Ideal for these users...

Marketing team

The portal helps automate operational work. It tackles first-line questions. Creating and searching for materials goes faster, collaboration becomes more efficient.

Brand managers

A central portal helps the brand manager monitor the brand’s corporate identity. It becomes easier to ensure that the entire company communicates the message in line with the brand.

Local staff

Employees no longer have to contact the head office for small adjustments in the communication. They carry this out themselves within corporate identity templates.


Printers or media agencies can act as an extension of the marcom team. A central platform is useful for finding, designing and ordering the right marketing content.

Brand portal user management

Each of these users can be given different settings. Brand management portal software typically works with roles and permissions. As a company you are in control of who can use which functionalities. You can tailor the system to match your needs and workflow.

For example, you can give an external advertising agency only the rights to use certain assets. The same goes for internal users. Marketing staff at head office are often given more rights and access than staff working in local departments.


Prindustry’s Brand Management Portal

The Prindustry Brand Portal conveniently unites all brand management needs in one SaaS platform. With this Brand Portal you are fully in control of brand consistency and the ordering process.

At its core, the platform is a corporate identity management system with an ordering portal for printed materials. The portal offers an extensive package for order management, quotations, invoicing, design templates, budgeting and stocks. Prindustry connects all kinds of partners and systems to the system as required. From graphic producers and payment modules to editors and accounting programs.

The Brand Portal is a secure, user-friendly platform developed in-house. The platform is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is the standard for information security. It indicates that software developer Prindustry complies with all requirements concerning information security in relation to the continuous development and safe operation of the Prindustry SaaS platform for web shops and brand portals.

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