Procurement software

What does a procurement platform entail? How does procurement software allow you to automate the entire purchase-to-pay process? And how can this be done conveniently for print buying?


What is a procurement platform?

A procurement platform is an online marketplace where supply and demand for products or services come together. It can be products like Amazon, or services like Airbnb. There are various types of procurement platforms, both in the B2C and B2B markets.

It is not without reason that so many of these platforms exist. This is because procurement platforms bring enormous opportunities.

Vendors can enter new markets quickly and easily through a digital platform. Buyers can easily find all kinds of products and/or services in one platform. The entire procurement process is done in one place.

Procurement software

With software, you connect buyers and sellers on the digital platform. Procurement software ensures that all procurement processes are automated. The entire flow from order to delivery, with intermediate processes for requesting quotations, placing orders and invoice processing. Automation thus ensures simple and controllable financial administration.

There are various types of procurement software. It can be part of the ERP or financial solution, or it can stand alone. What is important is that it can integrate with the other solutions.

Procurement, buying, purchase to pay?

Procurement, buying, purchase to pay software: they are all names for the same process. When you search the internet with these terms, you end up on the same definitions.

It is about software that automates the management of purchasing. From the moment of ordering until the invoice is processed in the administration. The flow for this is also referred to as the purchase-to-pay process.

Procurement software for print

Digital procurement platforms are also available for print procurement. With dedicated print buying software, you get a web-to-print platform with a marketplace where print producers offer their products to resellers. The resellers can purchase the suppliers’ product offerings and resell them in their own webshop.

As a reseller you get the opportunity to present a large graphic assortment to customers. They choose which products from the purchasing platform to sell in their webshop. This process in the graphic industry usually happens white label, so using their own brand name and with prices they determine themselves.

As a supplier, you reach a larger target group who can sell the products. With a minimal investment you increase your sales market at once.

Prindustry's procurement software

Prindustry has been successfully offering a print buying platform in the Benelux for several years, where dozens of graphic producers are connected to resellers in a transparent way. It enables producers to make products available and findable for resellers. It is a marketplace where graphic resellers can find, order and purchase all sign and print products from a single platform. The orders can be automatically forwarded to the producers through API connections in the purchasing software. The API connection also ensures that the owner of the web shop can display and sell the assortment of the external supplier from his own shop.

Many well-known (Dutch) graphic suppliers are already connected to the platform, such as Probo, Control Media,, Inpromo, Zig Zag Forms, Digi Promotions or Siersema Flags.


Purchase-to-pay process

Purchasing and booking all orders in one flow. That’s what software developers Prindustry and ProActive are doing with a joint procurement connection.

From within the ProActive expenditure system, users gain access to multiple webshops. In Prindustry’s print webshop, they can order communication products. The order is then imported into the ProActive system through the connection. Instead of completing the order in each individual web shop, everything happens in one central system. Only after an automatic approval process is the order presented to the producer. The internal approval processes are predetermined and set. You can also immediately add an order number to the system.

A purchase-to-pay flow that saves a lot of time with administrative tasks!

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