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What is an order portal? And what different types of online ordering systems are there? Special focus on the web2print ordering platform.

Online bestelportaal zakelijke webshop met login (1)
Online bestelportaal zakelijke webshop met login (4)

Audax order portal

Audax is active in the field of print media and the nationwide distribution of newspapers, magazines and books and known for the store formulas AKO, Bruno and ReadShop. In the Audax Portal logged in users can find the articles that Audax delivers. It’s there to serve retailers and other customers of Audax.

Certe order portal

If you search for ‘order portal’ in Google, you will find that of Certe on the first search page. This is also a platform with a login, but here it is specifically intended for sampling materials or request forms for function tests, clinical chemistry or medical microbiology research. Certe is an organization for medical diagnostics and is there specifically for general practices and midwives.

Odin order portal

Organic and biodynamic. The cooperative supermarket Odin claims to be an organic supermarket with ideals. For customers, there is the Odin customer portal where they order their organic groceries online.

Smedes order portal

More fine food can be found in Smedes’ online portal, but just in a different category. The Smedes Order Portal offers 2,300 products for the fish specialist. It is therefore a business ordering platform between entrepreneurs. All products are available from stock, also through 48-hour express service.

Antwerp order portal

The City of Antwerp has 120 city agencies, such as the fire brigade, police, educational institutions and museums. For the purchase of their printed matter, the City uses an internal order portal. This online portal is customized for all city agencies. They each have their own platform where they can quote for their printed matter, format it in their own corporate style and of course: order it.

Prindustry order portal

The portal for Antwerp was created by software company Prindustry. Prindustry offers order portals for the business market with a centralized purchasing and sales system. It is an automated web shop solution for all kinds of communication media. Users order at their convenience, and orders are forwarded directly to print providers.

Online bestelportaal zakelijke webshop met login (2)
Bestelportaal online voor drukwerk en communicatie (3)
Bestelportaal online voor drukwerk en communicatie (1)

Web-to-print ordering portal

The Prindustry order portal is a web2print platform for streamlined purchasing and creation of graphic products. Through the web environment, users can easily customize and order products like business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, beach flags or (social media) banners.

Within the ordering process it is possible to add all sorts of things. For example, you can use a check tool, upload a PDF or personalize the product with a text or photo before placing the order. The ordering system provides insight into when the ordered products will be delivered and what the price of the products is. Based on the order history you can easily enter repeat orders.

You can build the portal with various systems that are easy to integrate. Systems like AFAS or SAP. Quotation, inventory or budget modules. Print suppliers and ERP solutions.

The online ordering portal is available 24/7, allowing users to order when it is most convenient for them.


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