Franchise Marketing Platform

How can a franchisor with hundreds of franchisees present the franchise brand consistent? By working together in a Marketing Platform! Each franchisee edits and orders their own marketing materials. Always within the brand guidelines.


Content creation with brand consistency

Let your franchisees customize materials themselves within the editor where brand elements are locked. This way, you maintain control over the corporate identity, while franchisees themselves can quickly react to local marketing needs.

The editor provides templates with communication designs where variable customization is possible. Brand elements, such as the logo or corporate identity color, are fixed. All franchisees customize communications from their own locations within the appropriate look and feel. The software is completely focused on shortening and simplifying the design process: from formatting to editing the designs.

Content creation with databases

Direct mailings

For direct mailing campaigns, you conveniently connect design templates to a database, allowing you to create a PDF with hundreds of different contact details at once. Consider an offline mailing for an advertising campaign to local customers and prospects. The PDF can go straight to a printer.

Location data

Another data connection is the ability to link each franchisee’s location info to the templates. When a franchisee logs in, their information is connected to the templates in the editor. This means that a franchisee’s data is automatically filled in on the communication.

Webshop for printing

The communications can be ordered directly in the webshop module.

In the webshop all desired print products are available. Stationery, envelopes, flyers, corporate clothing or promotional gifts. Anything that may be printed with the franchise’s logo. However, also digital materials, which are downloadable and publishable.

We are talking about an automated webshop solution for all kinds of communication materials. Each franchisee orders in a user-friendly webshop environment at their convenience. Orders go directly to print suppliers.

Other modules you can connect...


The system can track inventory of products and show the quantity available. Like brochures, pens, POS material.


A main administrator can assign the various users their own budget to spend on the products in the shop.


Create one automatic flow for expense management, from quotes and orders to checks and invoice entry.

Testimonial Franchise Marketing Platform

For a franchise brand with 60 locations, we deployed Prindustry's marketing platform. All location managers can customize communication materials themselves within templates with fixed corporate identity elements. This way the head office can be confident that all expressions have the same look and feel. It works very user-friendly.

Nicky SmidSmid Media

Enterprise software solution

A Marketing Platform, or Brand Portal, is designed specifically for the brand management of franchise organizations with many locations and many marketing resources. Unburden headquarters and ensure a consistent brand image.

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