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Automate your communication processes! Let employees create and order materials themselves using editable brand templates. Prindustry delivers a turnkey communication platform with all technical implementations.


Everybody can edit and order

In a Brand Portal, you customize all communication products for reuse and ordering. It is a central system, with various options for employees of different locations. Various roles and rights can be set for all desired users. You tune the system completely to the needs of your arts or cultural enterprise.

For on-site users, the Brandportal is set up as a web shop. Here they easily create (print) communications, view inventory, request a quote or (re)order. The ordering process is fully automated. A chief administrator controles everything about the workflow in the backend system with modules for e.g. budgets, designs and financial flows.

Extensive communication flow

The communication process of an arts or cultural organization is comprehensive. For optimum performance, there are, for example, requirements for personalizing communications, different authorizations or connections to accounting and ERP systems. You also have to deal with the GDPR, IT security, payment and shipping methods or different budgets per location. Realizing these complex issues demands careful software development.

Prindustry takes all this out of your hands with an all-in-one software package!


The Brandportal is of interest to companies in the arts and culture with...

numerous expressions

One source makes it possible to manage, change and order all communications quickly and error-free.

brand communication

Employees customize expressions themselves in templates. The corporate identity elements are locked.

many facilities

Users of the platform can access both offline and online communications anytime, anywhere.

repetitive marketing

Only one design needs to be created. After that, the material can be located with each new campaign.

All connections for communication

Prindustry is a software partner that connects a variety of partners and systems to the platform as needed. From print producers and accounting modules to design tools and MIS software.
The day-to-day management is completely in the hands of the portal owner, Prindustry is in charge of hosting, updates and further development.

You combine both offline and online communication in one central system. Most companies use print and online media, and even more often in the mix.
The Brand Portal is suitable when you are dealing with continuously different types of media. It is most valuable for arts and culture organizations with a lot of people, locations, brands and content.

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