The Communication Platform

Find out more about different types of communication platforms, for marketing, internal or social use. Including advice for a good marketing communications platform.


Types of communication platforms

There are many types of online platforms for communication.

On a social media communication platform such as Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok, users can share content and communicate with each other. Content involves text, video, photos or podcasts. There are also online communication platforms in the form of messaging apps, weblogs, forums, music platforms, wikis or dating sites.

Internal communication platforms are closed communication channels where employees of an organization exchange their info. This is usually software that is custom made for a company and where the users need a login to use it.

The same can be said for a marketing communications platform, where marketers can manage all marketing materials in one online place.

We highlight the business (internal and marketing) platforms in more detail here.

Internal communication platform

With an internal communications platform, an organization can digitize all internal communications. Employees can send messages and documents to each other. This could be a chat program, intranet, photo platform, video contact, manuals or planning tools. The key is that employees become more involved and they exchange info easily.

All this must take place in a secure web environment where privacy is paramount. Security includes that the internal platform has a login with password or that documents are sent securely.

Marketing communication platform

A marketing communications platform is there to serve the marketing professional. The platform provides an online system for all of a company’s communications. Employees can manage, design, distribute and order communications digitally. They can find the right materials conveniently and quickly in one central location. Brand templates and guidelines ensure a consistent look in the communication.

Through good software, companies efficiently bundle all the necessary tools and systems for their corporate communications.

Prindustry’s communication platform

Prindustry’s communication platform is a central platform to organize the entire process of brand communication. The management, creation and procurement of all online and offline communication products.

The platform is set up as a webshop on the frontend. This allows the user to easily (re)order the communication products, create online designs, view the stock or request a quote. An administrator determines everything about the products in the backend system. Budget allocations or approval of the designs.

Prindustry specializes in the development of web-to-print communication portals. Automating the ordering process for printed matter is one of the strongest points of the software. The platform also links up with several graphic producers.


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