A Brand Portal for Charities

Selling your mission through marketing materials from a single communications platform.
Manage, create and order from a central hub.

Creating and ordering marketing

A Brand Portal is there for the communication management of charitable organizations with many locations and many communications. The goal is to organize the management, customization and ordering of all corporate identity communication materials from one digital source.

From one central hub you get quick and easy control over the various marketing communications. All different locations and materials are all connected to each other. Employees generate new personalized communication materials themselves using templates in which the branding components are fixed. The printed materials can be ordered easily, possibly coupled to a local budget.

Connecting communication systems

The Brand Portal can be connected to various systems. ERP solutions or financial software. An integrated editor provides on-brand designs. A connection with expense management systems is also possible. With that, there will be one automatic flow for the entire purchase-to-pay process.

The platform offers single sign-on. Users then automatically get access to their own account (with the corresponding permissions) after logging into another system.

Prindustry provides an all-in-one software package with the Brand Portal!

The Brandportal is of interest to charities with...

many communications

A single marketing source makes it possible to manage, modify and order all communications quickly and without errors.

uniform branding

Employees customize the expressions in the templates themselves. The elements of corporate identity are locked in.

many sites

Platform users can access all (print) communications from any device, any location and at any time.

repetitive marketing

Only one design needs to be created. After that, the material can be localized for each new campaign.

A scalable marketing platform

Prindustry supports various industries with suitable communication software. The Brand Portal is a SaaS solution and, with its responsive design, can be used on any device. The system is cloud-based, fully maintained, backed up and secured by Prindustry. The software complies with the laws and regulations of the GDPR. Prindustry is also ISO 27001 certified, the standard for information security.

As a flexible IT solution, it moves with a company’s needs. You scale up – or down – as needed.

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