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The Prindustry platform has many capabilities. The basis of each application is the webshop for (print) communication with a comprehensive management system for orders, quotes and invoicing. You are able to add different modules to the WhiteLabelShop or Brand Portal to create the best workflow. In this article, we will discuss many of these options.


Open / private

The Prindustry system supports both private storefronts (accessible only after login) and open storefronts (accessible without login, but any person visiting the storefront is able to create a login to order).
Both open webshops and login brand portals are possible in the Prindustry platform.

Multiple storefronts

From the platform, you can offer multiple storefronts. A new storefront gets its own URL, but you use the same backend system.
You use a storefront, for example, if you have a customer for whom you want to offer a webshop completely in their own branding. You can add pages here that are tailored to the customer or set up specific settings for languages, countries or billing environment.

Customizable frontend

You can personalize the system to be more customer-oriented. Prindustry offers 2 possibilities:

  • Login at customer group level: You organize your own customer login per customer group. You customize colors, logos and the homepage.
  • Own storefront: You set up a whole new frontend (including URL) for a customer. This frontend is also connected to the central backend.

Shared products

Products and categories can be shared between multiple storefronts. For instance, generic products may be offered to more than one customer.


The system has a responsive design so that it displays well for any user and from any device.

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Ordering options

The system supports different order types: standard orders, quote requests and stock orders.
The order status is available in both the backend and front end of the system.
Users easily re-order previously placed orders. When re-ordering, the PDF file is already added.

Payment options

The system accepts various payment options: purchase orders with invoicing afterwards, prepaid payments via a wallet module and any of the online payment methods for the Benelux market (iDeal, credit card).
Furthermore, the system allows you to give customers the option to send collective invoices.

Product prices

In the Prindustry platform there are extensive possibilities to calculate (graduated) prices. Both for print and sign (m2 prices). These prices can be determined in different ways specifically for each customer.


The system can automatically forward (parts of) an order to external suppliers who supply and produce that specific product. All suppliers receive automated orders by default. Furthermore, Prindustry has API connections with suppliers such as Probo,, Inpromo and Control Media. This allows automated forwarding of orders and automated return of status messages.

Shipping partners

The platform provides a connection to ParcelPro (PostNL, DHL, etc.).


The system is able to connect the storefront with a procucrement system via data exchange protocols.

Cost centers

The system defines cost centers from which a user can choose (based on their permissions).


The system can track the real-time inventory of products and show the available quantity to the user. If set for a product, the system also allows back orders (order quantities greater than available stock).
You connect the stock module to your web portal to show per product how much is still available. This is possible in any existing selector, but you can also use the associated ‘Multi selector’. This allows you to show multiple products in one overview that you add to your shopping cart separately, or with multiple products at once. The internal stocks can be given their own location so that order picking from a job ticket is easy.


The reservation module works in conjunction with the stock module. The reservation module allows you to lend products to users within your platform, such as exhibition stands or promotional items. As an option, you can associate a rental rate with this.

Job tickets

Orders can be sent as XML to an FTP. From there, the printer can be controlled. The status that it was forwarded is listed.


Prindustry has built multiple API connections to MIS systems, such as MultiPress.

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Access rights

Backend roles

The main administrator must be able to set up and manage the platform, for all possible branches and/or users. A user, depending on the rights assigned to him, must be able to manage his own system. The hierarchy is completely customizable.
As an administrator, you find all settings and modules in the backend. For example, for product categories, the quotation module, stock settings, budget allocation or plugins for accounting and payment methods.

Frontend roles

It is possible to set a hierarchy for each user that determines what is allowed in the system. For example, which products are visible, whether a user is allowed to order without manager approval or whether he is allowed to create reports. All rights and roles can be set in the backend.

Approval rules

The Prindustry platform has a comprehensive set of authorization and approval rules. These can generally be set per user (group).

Single sign-on

The platform has the ability to automatically give users access to their own storefront (with associated permissions) after they have logged into another system.


The system offers a multilingual user interface. The user has the option of choosing from languages such as Dutch, English or German.

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Creation products

The platform is capable of handling both fixed predefined products (such as a brochure where the content never changes) and variable template products (such as a business card with a fixed template, but with different content per user).

Freestyle design

The Prindustry platform uses CHILI publisher and PitchPrint as online editors. Freestyle editing is possible in both editors. For completely non-binding formatting, the PitchPrint editor is more suitable. The editors can be used independently (and interchangeably) in the platform.

Variable design

The connection with the CHILI editor allows variable adjustments to products. Certain corporate identity elements are defined in the templates. As a user you adjust several options, depending of course on the settings the administrator turns on or off per user. For example, you enter a title of up to two lines of text. The block scales automatically. Ready? Save and continue. The design is now available with the product in the shopping cart.

Dependency rules

It is possible to build in dependency rules for variable items. For example: If field A is filled in and value C is selected in field B, the document should show X.

Output editor

There is a choice of output: print or web. When you need the design for print, the connections in the platform allow it to go immediately print-ready to affiliated print producers.


The system checks the output for issues that could cause problems in production, such as image resolution.

Digital assets

It is possible to place assets within the CHILI editor. The output can also be digital. In a new release from our partner CHILI (Nov-22), there is also the ability to edit video and GIF. If a DAM system (Bynder, Cocoon, etc.) is really needed, we recommend to connect from within the platform.


One of the other functions is to create a mailing that can be linked to an address file. With an uploaded (address) list, you create a printed mailing in one go. You generate one PDF containing all the letters.
Furthermore, for each individual user who logs in, the system can immediately fill in their own (location) data in a template.

Media Manager

Storage for images, templates, videos, data and other files. In the Media Manager you click through to other formats. You can also assign roles and rights to it; for example, you close certain folders per employee or team.

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Purchase-to-pay process

An automatic workflow is possible for order approval, forwarding to suppliers and processing for financial management. From the financial cloud, you can link all webshops for this order processing.


There are several plugins to connect for account management. Afas, Twinfield, Gripp, Exact or King. Export invoices to your own accounting environment.

Budget management

You can assign a specific budget to each user. This is done through a wallet module. For each user, you determine exactly how much he is allowed to spend. He is then able to spend this budget on products within his own account.



The system is cloud-based, fully maintained, backed up and secured by Prindustry. No hardware needs to be purchased by the customer.

GDPR and ISO 27001 proof

The Prindustry system is GDPR compliant. Prindustry is also ISO 27001 certified.


The system has the option to generate general reports. Currently, these reports are only available at the backend level. A connection to PowerBI will be built in early 2023. This will allow reports to be completely customized.

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