Retail Marketing Portal

The Retail Marketing Platform is an ordering portal for all communications, including printed materials. Retailers can order everything within the brand's corporate identity and customize it with their own data.


A central communication portal

One source for organizing, ordering and publishing all branded materials. The Retail Marketing Platform allows every retailer to go to market faster with the right content and campaigns. The retailer or sales manager handles the communication himself. The Retail Marketing Platform gives the head office the assurance that all expressions are customized and ordered on-brand. Every user has their own login. Each login can be assigned certain rights and roles.

Ready-made templates

The platform has dozens of ready-to-use templates for communication materials. The built-in editor provides both print and digital content for usage online or in-store. The files are fully customizable, within the corporate identity framework, by the end user. As such, a retailer is able to quickly create personalized communications.

The content can be created in various formats for a variety of expressions, such as POS displays, flyers or price tags. You can also link databases to a design template. Like the location data of each individual retailer. Or a mailing that you connect to an address database. You produce a mailing in one go with an uploaded address list. A PDF with all personalized letters is ready to send directly to the printer.

Benefits Retail Marketing Platform

Central overview and control of all marketing assets

Improved communication between marketing department and decentralized locations

Corporate identity compliant branding with ready-made templates

Cost savings through shorter lines and unburdening the marketing department

Integrated organization of print and online media: web2print and web2publish

All partners and sites have access to the materials

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Online webshop

The Retail Marketing Platform offers a print ordering process with a webshop.

The webshop works like any good webstore: it’s lean and mean with user-friendly navigation. When a retailer logs into the portal, ready-to-order products can be set-up. This means that a retailer does not have to select all print options first, but choices such as the right paper type or format are preselected. This way there is always consistency in communication.

Printing goes to suppliers that are determined by the company. Delivery time and costs are immediately visible. Each account contains the order history. This allows you to convert an order into a new order immediately. You also have the option to approve or reject quotes and proceed directly to order.

Features Retail Marketing Platform

Print shop with automatic order flow

Design tool with brand templates

Advanced system integrations via API

Various user roles and settings

Purchase-to-Pay flow

Content creation with databases

Stock and reservation

The system is capable of tracking the inventory of products and showing the available quantity to the retailer. This happens when you apply the stock module in the platform. Users of the portal thus see whether the desired products are in stock and can order them directly.

The reservation module works together with the stock module. The reservation module allows you to rent out products to your retailers, such as exhibition stands or promotional items. As an option, you may attach a rental rate to this.


Purchase-to-Pay workflow

A Single Sign On connection is possible for the entire procurement management. This creates an automatic flow for approving orders, forwarding them to suppliers and processing them for financial administration.

This workflow is not just for the webshop in the marketing platform. Other systems can be connected. From one cloud you get access to all the webshops the company uses. Each order is imported into the central cloud. Only after the approval process, the order is automatically presented to the supplier with an order number. The internal approval processes are predetermined. After verifying that the order has been delivered, it is registered in the cloud and the invoice is ready for processing.

Quickly generate price cards

Our store owners see the prices of the products in their own portal. At the touch of a button, they generate the desired number of price cards. A PDF with the new prices follows, which they can print immediately. The time-to-consumer is now immediate. In addition, it eliminates errors by filtering out manual entry work.


Time saving with designs

The platform saves our communications team a lot of time and work. It's nice to manage everything from one platform. Moreover, we no longer have to do everything manually. The templates are ideal for employees to make their own adjustments without losing the corporate identity. Are people missing something? We update the portal regularly!

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