Brand platform

A corporate identity consists of a unique DNA of brand elements that is captured in a brand platform. A digital brand platform facilitates the deployment of brand communication. Get inspired by several cases of companies with a brand platform.


Brand platform software

A brand platform provides guidelines for everyone who works with the brand. Guidelines on the right corporate identity for each communication medium. Through software, you can translate these guidelines consistently.

With brand platform software, you get a central system for managing and creating all brand communications. It automates processes for creation, ordering and management. The benefits are uniformity, time savings and consistency.

Teams can search, create and distribute content more easily. A company gains an efficient and controllable process for the communication flow.


Brand templates

With a digital platform, you can easily set up and deploy branded templates. Within a brand template, users can change only certain variables, such as text or images. The corporate identity colors, font or logo are fixed and always remain the same.

There are templates for print and for digital applications, such as social media. Employees adapt materials for use locally, without burdening designers. They create marketing materials in the right corporate identity in no time.

Speed and brand consistency guaranteed!

Brand platform examples

There are endless possibilities for building a brand platform. A few examples for inspiration.

Smid Media Solutions deploys brand platforms for large companies to relieve marketing departments. Users can manage, create, publish and order communications from a single system. The frameworks and guidelines are fixed, so anyone can use the materials with no loss of the corporate identity. Employees can make small adjustments themselves within the predefined branded templates.

Deposit Money Netherlands has the task of making the Dutch aware of the deposit system. For this they offer a brand platform where all deposit collectors find the campaign materials needed to inform their customers. They can personalize the marketing materials within templates with the corporate identity of Deposit Money Netherlands. Users can upload their own logo and optionally enter the charity for which they may be collecting the deposit. The materials can then be downloaded or ordered.

The City of Antwerp uses a brand platform as an ordering portal for the printed materials for 120 city agencies such as the education department, the police, fire brigade and museums. Each body orders products in its own corporate style. With the central platform, the City of Antwerp can continuously change partners, products and prices across all tenders, while the existing templates, order flow and integrated systems remain available.

Brand platform Prindustry

Prindustry’s Brand Portal provides companies with a complete brand platform to ensure consistent brand communication ├índ instant buying possibilities.

Features of this Brand Portal:

  • Central management, decentralized use: With this SaaS software, a company centrally manages all communication processes and employees can customize and order marketing materials locally.
  • User management: Different roles and permissions can be set for users, from any location.
  • Brand templates: With the design tool you create on-brand marketing materials within templates. The corporate identity elements are fixed.
  • Budget and inventory management: The administrator can assign a budget to the users. In addition, an inventory module can show whether the desired products are in stock.
  • Web2print: Prindustry is market leader with web2print ordering portals. As a result, all printing options are available in the platform including product composition, price calculations and connections with print producers.
  • System integrations: The portal can be connected to existing systems. ERP solutions, financial software or the purchase-to-pay process: from quotations to invoicing.

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