Brand Platform

A brand platform is a living marketing document with all the company's elements. Everything that makes a brand unique.
The online Brand Platform facilitates the deployment of all the visual expressions. With the goal of presenting a strong and consistent brand!


Brand Platform examples

There are many ways to deploy the software. Some customer cases from software developer Prindustry for inspiration.

Statiegeld Nederland

Deposit Money

Deposit Money Netherlands has a Brand Platform where all collection locations find the campaign materials needed to inform their customers about deposit collection. They can personalize the marketing materials within templates with the branding of Deposit Money Netherlands. The materials may be downloaded or ordered.

Alcon brandplatform


Eye care company Alcon supplies products to hundreds of opticians in the Benelux. With a Brand Platform, they offer them a modern portal where they order Alcon marketing materials to facilitate sales. The portal automates print orders, inventory management and provides an image bank for all digital assets.

Drukwerkportaal Antwerpen

City of Antwerp

The City of Antwerp uses the software for the corporate identity printing of hundreds of city agencies. Each authority receives a login and orders communication products in its own visual style. There is a central management system with modules for quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information or stock and payment systems. The IT solution remains available across all tenders.

GGZ Friesland brandplatform

GGZ Friesland

The GGZ communications department uses the platform as an ordering and corporate identity portal. For each GGZ sub-brand, branded templates are available. Users order ready-made products. For some products, location information is automatically filled in with the login, as in the case of stationery. For other products, templates are available in which some variables may be adjusted, as with business cards.


Brand templates

With a digital platform, you easily set up and deploy brand templates. Within such a design template, users can change only certain variables, such as text or images. The company’s colours, font or logo are preset and always remain the same.

There are templates for print and for digital applications, such as for social media. Employees locally adapt the materials themselves for use, without having to burden designers or communications colleagues.

Speed and consistency guaranteed!

Brand Platform Prindustry

Prindustry’s Brand Portal provides companies a complete communication platform to ensure consistent communication AND immediate procurement. Key features:


You easily scale up in one portal with, for example, the number of users, storage space, number of templates and publications and new applications.


The portal must be easy to use for any type of user. It should be easy to enter text, modify and insert images. A user must be able to manage his own system.


All images, templates, videos and data files are in one place. It allows you to add images to templates. Employ social media expressions. Or show videos directly.

Roles and rights

The main administrator must be able to set up the platform for all possible users. There are different roles with corresponding rights for the users. The hierarchy is completely customizable.


The system must be able to interface with multiple print vendors and other external systems for such things as accounting, budgeting, inventory, CRM, ERP or design.


The platform and software vendor must be certified in information security (ISO 27001). Processing of personal data through the portal must be in line with the GDPR legislation.

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