Whitepaper Diploma Support

Together with Royal Joh. Enschedé, Prindustry facilitates the diploma process from one central online platform. This whitepaper covers all 12 services of Diploma Support's secure and rapid diploma process. Developed exclusively for examination boards of higher education institutions.


Optimizing the diploma process

Tens of thousands of students graduate each year. They receive their diploma along with a grade list, often in an elegant diploma folder. It’s great evidence for the student, but a lot of work for exam boards. It is not an easy process to manage, create and order all the documents.

After all, an educational institution has several faculties, and a faculty consists of several programs. For each faculty, diploma formatting may be different. The execution of this is often done scattered. It leads to a time-consuming and unreliable process. However, diplomas are value documents containing personal data and should absolutely not be allowed to end up on the street.

It is essential that the process be carried out with the utmost care. Diploma Support makes this diploma process easier through 12 online services in one platform.