B2B Brand Portal Solutions

Our Brand Portal software is designed for organizations with many locations, many communications, many users and many orders.
The software automates the communication process and provides multiple user roles. Templates ensure consistent brand communication.
The software is scalable. Various modules and systems can be added.


Brand Portal for print partners

Taking care of all communications for your customer from a single online platform. Useful for clients of marketing agencies or print managers.


Brand Portal for governments

Government agencies are subject to tenders. Also for (print) communications. Modern governments separate the IT solution from the communication production.


Choose the Brand Portal software
of Prindustry if you:

desire a complete system for all brand communication.

have multiple brands, locations or stores.

are dealing with a lot of content.

want to automate ordering processes.

need brand control during design changes.

want to manage user roles and permissions.

Your Brand Portal Products Software Solutions

Brand Portal for resellers

If you market your products through resellers, you can encourage them to sell your products using (marketing) materials from this Brand Portal.


Enterprise software

Prindustry offers enterprise software solutions for various industries. For franchisees, charities or education. Each portal offers modules for orders, quotes, invoicing, accounting, stock or design.
Always customized and in your look & feel.


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