Support sales through your resellers with a Brand Portal!

Content inspiration paper
for brand owners
without own point of sale:

  • The situation: boosting sales through resellers
  • The brand portal solution: a digital marketing system
  • Features: possibilities of the brand portal
  • Customer cases: brand portal solutions
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner
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The situation

There are several ways to sell your products to consumers. This can be done, for example, through your own store or webshop. You can also market your products without your own point of sale. There are many companies that sell products from multiple brands as resellers. For example, Coolblue sells telephones, washing machines or laptops from different brands. As a brand owner, you want your products to stand out and therefore be sold well.

Unfortunately, you encounter one of the following issues…

  • Your reseller does not have time to do specific marketing actions for all products.
  • The reseller has no marketing resources available to drive your product sales.
  • The reseller does not want to spend money on marketing the products themselves.
  • The reseller does not see the added value of stimulating the sale of your products.

The brand portal solution: a digital marketing system

If you do not have your own point of sale, but you market your products through resellers, you can conveniently provide marketing materials about your products to these resellers by means of a brand portal, for further personalisation, printing and distribution.

There are two ways to boost the sales of your products by resellers with a brand portal:

  1. You use a brand portal as an account portal with gifts and promotional materials that you can hand out to resellers. Your company’s account managers can get a budget in their own portal to spend on sales-stimulating actions. In the portal can be flowers, banners, cakes or brochures to choose from.
  2. You provide a brand portal for the resellers with marketing materials that they can use to facilitate the sale of your products. Flyers, banners or posters about your product. Communication materials that they can easily personalise, print and use from the portal.