Whitepaper Brand Portal for your resellers

Boost sales by resellers with a partner platform!

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Content inspiration paper:

  • Boosting product sales via resellers
  • Resale challenges
  • Online platform as a sales boost
  • A promotional partner platform: The Brand Portal
  • Possibilities of the Brand Portal
  • All in one platform: The Prindustry Brand Portal
  • Customer cases Brand Portal
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Encouraging your product sale by resellers

There are various ways to sell your products. Even without your own store or webshop. There are resellers who can resell your products.

In this way of doing business, it is important that you facilitate all matters surrounding the sale as easily as possible for the reseller. You should provide good marketing materials about your products. Materials that the reseller can hand out, personalise or print.

To achieve this, you often have to overcome one of the following challenges:

  • Your reseller does not have time to do specific marketing for all products.
  • The reseller has no marketing resources available to boost your product sales.
  • The reseller does not want to spend money on marketing for the products.
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Online platform as a sales boost

If you market your products through resellers, you can conveniently provide promotional materials through an online partner portal.

There are a number of ways to use such an online portal:

  1. Through the platform, you provide marketing materials that resellers can use to promote your products. Communication materials that they can easily use, personalise and print.
  2. You use the platform to distribute gifts to resellers. Your customer account managers receive a budget in their portal to spend on sales incentives.