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Boosting sales with a marketing platform

There is more than one way to boost reseller sales of your products with a partner platform:

  • You use the platform as an account portal with gifts and promotional materials that you can hand out to resellers. Your company’s account managers can be given a budget in their portal to spend on sales incentives. Flowers, cards, coffee mugs or pens.
  • You provide a portal with marketing materials that resellers can use to promote your products. Flyers, banners or posters about your product. Communication materials that they can easily customize, print or download from the portal.

Budget control per user

As an administrator, you can assign a certain budget to the users of the portal by means of a wallet module. This allows you to determine exactly how much they are allowed to spend. Each user can spend the budget on the products within their platform.

Stock control per product

A stock module keeps track of the number of products available. Users of the portal see whether the desired products are in stock and can order them directly. Want to hand out pens with the logo? There are still 122 of them!

An example from the field

Eelco Edink of Arvato Bertelsmann:

“Our Happy Partner Shops are portals for the account managers of a telecom company. In their own portal, they can support the company’s resellers. As the name suggests, the Happy Partner Shop is there to make these partners happy. An account manager can order gifts for them or offer sales-supporting marketing material. It is all about co-marketing. The telecom company provides articles to encourage the resellers to promote their products. Every account manager has a budget to spend on the products in his shop. For each product, it says how many are in stock.”


Editing the materials

Each user of a partner portal can customize the communication materials themselves within brand templates. Brand elements such as color, font or logo are predefined. All files are automatically saved, so they can be easily reused and ordered next time.

In addition to this editor, Prindustry integrates several other systems into the portal. Printers, payment modules or accounting programmes.


Engagement Partner Portal cases:

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