Optimise the process of print procurement and IT!

Content inspiration paper
for government agencies

  • The situation: print tenders and IT
  • Issues with this way of tendering
  • The solution: a separate IT solution
  • A different way of thinking: lower costs!
  • The brand portal: a central IT system with decentralized and sustainable options
  • Features: possibilities of the brand portal
  • In practice: brand portal solutions with partnerships
  • Prindustry: a connecting software partner
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Whitepaper overheidsinstanties brandportal aanbestedingen drukwerk en IT

The situation: print tenders and IT

A government agency has the task of properly informing residents, students, entrepreneurs or visitors about all kinds of urban matters. Print is an essential part of this communication. The procurement of this printed matter is usually carried out in accordance with tenders at media agencies or print suppliers. These partners are given total responsibility for the procurement of printed matter, media creation and the IT environment for ordering and designing the products for a couple of years.

With this you encounter one of the following issues…

  • The procurement platform is provided by the print supplier. With a new tender, you lose this IT platform.
  • The tender and the order portal do not have a flexible shell for changing prices or deviating print requests.
  • You also want to be able to address other communication products in the order portal. Like online communication for social media banners or advertisements.
  • There are various urban authorities, each with their own corporate identity.
  • You want to be able to connect the procurement portal with other systems. Accounting programs, financial systems or MIS/ERP software.
  • The security of the IT framework appears to be too complex to be placed with another party as an IT specialist.
Whitepaper overheidsinstanties brandportal

The solution: a separate IT solution

In a standard tender everything is lumped together. Print procurement, communication creation and the IT environment. As a government agency, however, you benefit most from deploying the best expertise in the right places. A collaboration between a print media entrepreneur and a software developer provides the best expertise for communication production and procurement. The print media entrepreneur is the specialist when it comes to the production of communication materials. The software developer supplies the software for the design and ordering of these communication materials. The software partner can continue to organize this IT framework flexibly over the years according to the latest IT developments and government requirements. With a separate IT platform you can continuously change new partners, products and prices across all tenders, while the existing communication expressions, corporate identity templates, order flow and all integrated systems remain available. All communication materials will be saved. You can therefore manage and order these products at any time. Adjustments are easy to make in predefined corporate identity templates for any government agency. In this way, governments can dynamically regulate their communication processes from a stable IT framework.