Customer Portal

The Customer Portal offers your client a single platform for creating and ordering all marketing materials. The customer can make adjustments via corporate identity templates. For printed matter there's a web2print ordering process. You maintain an overview of the workflow.


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Central customer platform

All communications for your customer united in one online system that can be used by both you and the customer. This is a Brand Portal, which allows you to respond to the needs for convenience and digitalization.

With a Brand Portal, you manage the processes centrally and your client can adjust and order their communication locally. In the portal, you can provide all the marketing materials. Business cards, brochures, flags, company clothing or social media banners. All brand communication. The customer can easily make adjustments via corporate identity templates.

The creation and ordering process is fully automated.

Customer loyalty

The platform is there for your customers. This means that it adapts to their wishes and way of working. The Customer Portal is completely in the look and feel of your client’s business.

As a partner you ensure an efficient and professional process for the (repetitive) communication expressions of your customer. With its flexible nature, the platform also connects to various systems. A design portal, ERP solution, the order administration or financial software. This way you can integrate it into the ideal workflow

Great for clients of marketing and advertising agencies, print managers or print shops.


You distinguish yourself with a Brand Portal for your customers. With such a portal, the customer can compile and order communications online in their own time. The system is most profitable for companies with multiple branches that regularly have to make adjustments to marketing materials. Using templates, they can create new expressions according to the corporate identity of the organization. The printed materials can go directly into production at our printing company.

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Corporate Identity templates

The customer can customize the communication material themselves within corporate identity templates. Brand components such as color, font or logo are fixed. The brand color of a brand like Coca Cola is always the same red color. The client can personalize recurring advertising material in seconds. All files are automatically saved for reuse.

The design tool provides output for both online and offline media. For print, you receive a print-ready PDF. For social media, the editor generates formats for all platforms.

Ordering print digitally

In the Customer Portal, you can create visuals for all kinds of communications. There is an automated workflow for ordering the printed materials. As the administrator of the platform, you decide who the order goes to. If you are a printing company, you probably prefer to take care of the order yourself. You can also choose to connect external suppliers. The order can go directly into production through the automated procurement connections.

Prindustry connects the portal with several advanced systems. Such as ERP solutions or financial software like SAP or Gripp. You can also add modules for budget management and stock control.


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