Diploma Support offers an all-in-one service platform for ordering, producing and delivering diplomas for educational institutions. Any university or college assured of a fraud-proof process for diplomas. Diploma Support is a product of Royal Joh. Enschedé, an Authentix company, in cooperation with Prindustry.


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Diploma Platform

Supporting examination boards

Diploma Support’s platform was developed with the concrete wishes and requirements of higher education institutions in mind,” says Adriaan Kamphorst, Regional Sales Director at Royal Joh. Enschedé. “We offer an optimally secure process for the entire diploma process. From layout and ordering to printing and delivery. It’s all about making work easier for educational institutions and always within the most secure framework.”

A fragmented process

Adriaan continues: “As an educational institution, you are constantly dealing with students who graduate. They receive a diploma with grade list and possible supplements in a diploma folder. The execution of this often takes place in a fragmented manner. A diploma goes through five pairs of hands and has three rounds of corrections before it is printed. Furthermore, members of the examination board usually sign all diplomas manually. A time-consuming process. Other parts, such as the formatting, printing and storage of diplomas, are also not centrally organized. All the while, diploma issuance is a sensitive process that must be secured during all parts.”

Secure digital signature process

With an automated diploma process, you can digitally sign all diplomas at once. “That sometimes raises some resistance,” Adriaan explains. “Many exam boards find it safer to sign by hand. However, a digital signature is always the same and therefore less easy to forge. In the printing process, we add several security features, such as a microtext in the signature. Our digital signature process has been approved by the Ministry of OCW and DUO. The process is more strictly secured than traditional signing. Moreover, it saves a lot of work not having to sign every signature!”

Merging and securing the entire diploma process

Merging all the tasks around diploma issuance has not been done this way before. “That’s because no one can secure the entire logistics process,” Adriaan continues. “Some other printing companies also offer secure printing, but this does not go beyond printing security features. At Diploma Support, security literally starts at the door. There are security guards who check employees and other visitors to our value printing company every day. It is important that no one can take the value documents. We do everything we can to prevent the documents from ending up on the street.”

All-in-one Diploma Support platform

For the automation of this diploma process, Royal Joh. Enschedé is working with software partner Prindustry. “IT development and security is complex and requires a specialist. Prindustry developed all parts of the diploma process in one platform. Employees who have been granted access order diplomas and related documents in a user-friendly ordering environment. The system links all personal data, grades and education of the students. Before the files go into production at Joh. Enschedé, assigned employees can check them. We deliver the value documents via secure transport to the desired location. With this platform, employees of universities and colleges have the opportunity to have diplomas ordered, produced and shipped safely, efficiently and easily!”

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