Marketing platform for restaurants

Lots of restaurants, lots of communication and lots of employees managing it their own way? A central marketing platform is the answer!


Marketing platform for restaurants

A marketing platform is an online portal for the procurement and creation of all visual brand communications. There is one central management system, with decentralized capabilities for ordering, customization and personalization by different employees. Ideal for restaurants with multiple locations.

A marketing platform offers automation of the communication process, formatting in corporate identity templates and additional modules for quotes, inventory or budgets.


All communication in the same branding

As a restaurant owner, you want to use the same visual communication for all your restaurants. Every marketing expression should have the same corporate identity. That goes for your menus, brochures, corporate clothing, business cards or online campaigns.

An integrated editor in the marketing platform allows your employees to customize marketing materials themselves. There are corporate identity templates for the formatting of the materials. A designer is no longer needed. Brand components such as color, font or logo are predefined in the templates. Within these fixed elements, the user can vary with new texts or images. In this way, they personalize the communications in seconds. All designs are automatically saved. They can therefore be easily reused and reordered.

Testimonial Smid Media

"We were looking for the best marketing portal for a large client and ended up with Prindustry. It started as an ordering system for their corporate clothing, but all other branding is now linked as well. All 60 location managers can customize communication materials themselves within templates with established corporate identity elements. In this way, headquarters can be confident that all expressions are in the same look and feel. For example, employees can just enter a new date on an invitation or fill in a different theme on a poster. It works very user-friendly."

Nicky SmidSmid Media Solutions

Prindustry's marketing platform

Prindustry software gives you an all-in-one marketing platform for managing, editing and ordering communication products.

The platform is packed with functionalities for branding and ordering. You set up impeccable communication campaigns in no time. Designs for online media can be downloaded and published immediately. Printed materials go into production directly at an affiliated supplier. For direct mailings, you conveniently link the design templates to your database, allowing you to create a PDF with hundreds of different contacts at once.

The system can be used both internally and externally. Internally for colleagues such as marketing staff or location managers and externally for stakeholders such as advertising agencies or printers. Each of these parties can have different settings.

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What you can connect to the portal....

a webshop

The storefront of the platform is a webshop where users easily order all products. Users have their own login.

a editor

An editor allows users to personalize products. For example, they place a custom text, logo or photo on the product.

ready-to-print products

The personalized printed material goes immediately to a printer through automated procurement links.

purchase-to-pay flow

Create one automatic flow for expense management, from quotes and orders to checks and invoice entry.

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