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Automate communication management in a Brand Portal: from editing to ordering!
Business communications always in the corporate identity of the franchise formula.

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Automation of order management

The Brand Portal has an online ordering shop that is available 24/7. In the webshop, you setup product combinations or let the user select their own print options. The many order options for print products are standard in the software, including all price and scale calculations.

The backend management system allows you to assign rights to each user of the platform. You are even able to set a credit per user that he may spend on the materials.

The production of the orders is connected to the desired producers and suppliers. The produced printed materials are sent directly to the franchise location.

Communication in correct branding

With the editor, no designer is needed to create new marketing assets. As a franchise organization, you only need to design files once and prepare them as a template. After that, let franchisees create, share and order the expressions themselves, without any knowledge of Adobe InDesign.

Branding elements such as logo, font and colors are fixed in the templates. Within these, users can vary with new text and images. There are input fields to enter variable data correctly.

You can also automatically load data from a franchise location into the templates. Location-specific data or customer data.

The output is a file for online / social media use or a print-ready file for the printer.


Modules in the Franchise Brand Portal

The Brand Portal is modular. As a franchise organization, you decide which modules you need to create the best workflow. Some options are:

budget management

You assign a specific budget to each user which he can spend on products in his personal account.

stock control

This module tracks real-time inventory of products and shows the available quantity to the user.


The reservation module allows you to lend products to the users within your platform.


There is a comprehensive set of authorization and approval rules that you assign to users.


The system offers a multilingual user interface. For example, the user can choose from languages such as Dutch, English or German.

data connections

You can tie databases to the communication templates. Location data or customer data for mailings.

API integrations

The platform offers integrations with various other systems via API connections. MIS / ERP systems or financial software.

user management

In the Brand Portal, various rights and roles can be assigned to franchisees, team members or other stakeholders.

One central communication platform

The Brand Portal unburdens both franchisor and franchisee. With one central source for all brand communications, you work more efficiently and save a lot of time, money and mistakes. Users edit, publish and order brand communications independently. Every asset is accessible from one environment anytime, anywhere.

The marketing platform is a cloud-based system with secure data storage. It is completely GDPR and ISO proof.

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