Brand Portal for franchise organizations

Maintain control of your communications!

Gain control of all franchisee communications and automate the management from one central portal. Edit, order and publish communications always in the corporate identity of the franchise formula.


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Automation order management

The Brand Portal has an online order platform that is available 24/7.

In this webshop you can:

  • prepare the required product combinations in advance.
  • let the franchisee order printed materials himself.
  • assign rights to the user.
  • give each user a credit to spend on orders.

The production of orders is handled by automatic connections to the desired (own) producers. The printed materials are sent directly to the franchise location.


Always the right corporate identity

With the editor in the Brand Portal, you only need to design files once and get them ready as templates. Let franchise owners create, share and order the expressions themselves.

In the brand editor:

  • templates are available per communication expression
  • branding elements are locked within a template.
  • users can edit a template with new text or images.
  • address databases can be linked for mailings.

The output: Always a perfect file!

  • For online media publication.
  • Print-ready for the printer.

Modules in the Franchise Brand Portal

The platform is modular. As a franchise organization, you decide which modules you need to create the best workflow. Some options are:

budget management

You assign a specific budget to each user which he can spend on products in his personal account.

stock control

This module tracks real-time inventory of products and shows the available quantity to the user.


The reservation module allows you to lend products to the users within your platform.


There is a comprehensive set of authorization and approval rules that you assign to users.


The system offers a multilingual user interface. For example, the user can choose from languages such as Dutch, English or German.

data connections

You can tie databases to the communication templates. Location data or customer data for mailings.

API integrations

The platform offers integrations with various other systems via API connections. MIS / ERP systems or financial software.

user management

In this software, various rights and roles can be assigned to franchisees, team members or other stakeholders.

Brand Portal: unburdening franchises

Some of the general benefits:

  • Consistency: Ensure that all communications, from brochures to social media posts, are consistent with the company identity.
  • Efficiency: Save franchisees time and effort by providing them with all necessary materials in one central location.
  • Control: Maintain control of the visual identity and prevent unauthorized use of franchise communications.
  • Save money: Fewer printing errors and lower design costs.
  • System integrations: Seamless access with your financial and ERP systems.
  • Secure and reliable: The platform is a cloud-based system with secure data storage. It is completely GDPR proof and ISO 27001 audited.

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Franchise case study: GGZ

A powerful example of the benefits of this software is the case of GGZ Friesland. This organization had to deal with a jumble of communication materials spread across different locations. This resulted in inconsistency, lack of clarity and inefficiency.

Results with the Brand Portal:

  • Centralized management for all marketing materials, with decentralized deployment.
  • Easy workflows for creating and approving materials.
  • A consistent visual experience across all channels.
  • Increased brand recognition.
  • Improved compliance with corporate identity guidelines.
  • Increased employee and client satisfaction.

“Thanks to the Brand Portal, our communications have been streamlined. Employees now easily order printed materials with corporate identity monitoring, ensuring consistency.”


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