Digital print for resellers. It turned out to be a golden formula for Probo. From the Netherlands, Sammy Mostard tells about the impressive growth of the wide format printing company. A growth that revolves around being a partner for print entrepreneurs and thus also led to a collaboration with Prindustry.






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Large format print partner

Probo was founded in 2001 as a lettering company. In 2007 the lettering branch was sold and there came a clear focus: being a wide format print expert who exclusively supply the products to resellers. Sammy got into this print adventure in 2014. The intention was for six months, but several years later he cannot say goodbye to this innovative company with its headquarters in the north of The Netherlands. “What happens at Probo is unique. There are big, daring investments to innovate and automate.”

Partner for resellers

Everything at Probo is about being a partner for resellers. “We do not supply to end customers. In this way we are not a competitor to our own customers. This allows us to focus on efficient production. We keep costs low, with a high turnover rate and fast delivery times. The service to resellers is high. We keep a lot of capacity free to solve customer problems.”

Set up a white label webshop

Sammy first worked in the family business MH Roadstyling, a customer of Probo. At MH Roadstyling they had a wish for a webshop. He went to Probo to use their webshop expertise to develop a white label webshop in collaboration. Probo works with an extensive internetplatform with a broad range of materials and products for resellers in print. Resellers can connect this range to their own webshop to sell these products white label. Creating an own webshop turned out to be no easy task.  “A white label webshop is a specialist product. The automated forwarding and processing of orders was a requirement that was difficult to achieve due to the complexity of such a system and the limited development capacity.”

With the arrival of the new Probo director, René de Heij, Prindustry came into the picture as an external solution to help customers, such as MH Roadstyling, with a webshop in an accessible way. “The Prindustry platform facilitates everything to set up a full-fledged webshop quickly and cheaply.” Since then, not only MH Roadstyling has a webshop with Probo products, but Prindustry has connected the Probo range for more resellers in an own webshop with the WhiteLabelShop.

Flexible linking with many print products

As a process manager, Sammy deals with the products that Probo offers to the WhiteLabelshop resellers via the Prindustry platform. “It is a pleasant interaction with Prindustry. Many of the Probo customers want a webshop, but they lack the IT expertise to set it up themselves. Moreover, it takes a lot of time. Prindustry supplies a flexible system in which we can offer our range well. When you purchase a WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry, you can connect various print ranges from suppliers, including ours. In an industry where more and more companies are relinquishing part or all of their own production, this is a major advantage.”

Various print products on demand

Probo offers a wide range of products in the Prindustry Marketplace that is integrated in the backend of every WhiteLabelShop. From exhibition and presentation walls to canvases and photo on wood. And from textile frames and banners to facade flags and window stickers. Special are the acoustic panels that Probo developed and now also offers to WhiteLabelShop resellers. “The panels combine strong sound insulation with interior design. We can print the panels with a beautiful design on it. This combination ensures that our acoustic panels are distinctive.”

Further innovation

Probo has not finished innovating yet. “We have an entire department that deals with innovations. For example, wallpaper with a second layer is under development. This has the advantage that you no longer have to plaster. This has many advantages for construction companies. There are still countless possibilities with large format print. You see an upward trend across the board in the market for wide format digital print, along with an increasing demand for unique products. Probo continues to look for those new products for its partners!”

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