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Find out more about web to print. What are the different applications? From B2C and B2B to open and closed ordering platforms.

Web to print or web2print?

Web to print software is also known as web-to-print, online print, web2print, W2P, remote publishing or print e-commerce.

These are all names for web to print, which is essentially an umbrella term. It describes all the processes required for the online creation of graphical products. Editing templates, uploading files, database publishing or ordering products.

B2C and B2B solutions

Web to print software is available for both B2C and B2B applications. Printing companies use web2print software mainly for open webshops to sell printed products to all kinds of B2C or B2B customers. Customers order the products without registration or subscription. They can upload, edit and order the files they need for their product themselves. This often concerns standard printed matter.

Large companies or marketing agencies use the software more often as closed web2print shops for their visual communication. Unlike an open webshop, these closed webportals are not accessible to everyone. Marketing teams can manage, adjust and (re)order their communication here. Often the materials are available in corporate identity templates to ensure brand consistency.

Web to print software open source

There are open source, SaaS and dedicated online print software solutions.

Web to print software open source is available free of charge, but requires a lot of custom development to set up the workflow.

Many W2P providers market their software as SaaS: Software as a Service. This provides users with a ready-to-use application that they do not have to develop or maintain themselves. They pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Dedicated software goes a step further than the standard offerings. You get a system that is fully tailored to individual needs.

There are printing companies or companies that develop web-to-print in-house, but most choose a software specialist due to the complexity of the order flow and IT processes.

Web to print software solutions

Especially for web2print e-commerce applications there are many software providers. Shopify, WooCommerce from WordPress or Adobe Commerce are well-known names that deliver standard webshop software.

For a print webshop, customisation is often required. Printed matter is a product that needs to be translated online with many product options and quantity calculations. There are companies that focus completely on the development of web-to-print. Prindustry is a software developer specialised in building web2print webportals. Typical features of this web-to-print software are order management, quotation modules, price calculations, customising designs in templates and automated connections with printing companies.

"Prindustry offers a print webshop from one central system where you have the possibility to set it up according to your own wishes. You make use of existing technology that is focused on print products. With product information, orders, quotations, invoicing and accounting all in one package."

Marcel HaumannDrukwerkonline.nl

Web to print shops Prindustry

Prindustry develops software for web2print. This can be deployed in several ways: as an open webshop for the white-label sales and procurement of graphic products, or as a closed Brand Portal for managing, creating and ordering a company’s brand communication.

With a Prindustry portal you get a fully automated SaaS solution for selling, buying, managing and creating (print) communication. You get one central W2P system with a comprehensive package for orders, quotations, invoicing, product information, stock and payment systems. Prindustry connects all kinds of partners and systems to the system. From printers and payment modules to editors and accounting programs.


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