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With powerful web-to-print software you easily process print communication through webshops. Design, upload, order and send - Prindustry effortlessly automates all graphic processes online.


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Software for web-to-print: WhiteLabelShop

There are many webshop software providers, but only a few that specialize in webshop software for print. Good web-to-print software takes care of the entire management around online print orders. Complete with price calculations, file uploads and design tools. Prindustry develops such software. The software is known as the WhiteLabelShop.

The WhiteLabelShop is developed for the entrepreneur who wants to sell and purchase graphic products online. Whether it’s one’s own printing or the products of print media partners that you can offer white label. It is a complete webshop including a management system with modules for quotes, invoicing, accounting, stock and design.

The webshop owner operates completely independently. Prindustry is the IT partner that takes care of all technical implementations and connects various partners and systems to the platform as needed.


Features web to print software

Web to print storefront

Web-to-print software consists of a frontend and backend. The storefront is the front end, usually the webshop, where users order printed materials. The backend is the management system. You can connect multiple storefronts to one central backend.

Web to print editor

With a web-to-print editor, users create their own print design before ordering. Templates are available which can be customized with custom images and texts. The editor interfaces with all products in the webshop and delivers a print-ready PDF.

Web to print API

An API links data between systems. Prindustry uses APIs to integrate assortments from external print producers to the WhiteLabelShop. This allows web shop owners to sell the external products themselves (white label). Thus, the assortment offered becomes enormous.

All-in-one web-to-print solution

With the WhiteLabelShop, you get an all-in-one software solution with a comprehensive range of functionalities for efficiently managing print orders. It includes a central system with all processes for quotes, invoicing, accounting, product information, inventory management and payment options.

The web-to-print software integrates seamlessly with various systems, including graphic production partners and payment gateways. In addition, we support integrations with editors and accounting programs.

Want even more functionalities? You can expand WhiteLabelShop with additional storefronts, customer portals or even a Brand Portal to strengthen brand communication processes.


"There is a new generation of customers who buy differently. People are working more from home, online and working flexibly across the day. That's why we use an online ordering system to make our products available 24/7. We do that through Prindustry's webshop software. Their WhiteLabelShop provides a good platform for printed products and also links conveniently with assortments from manufacturers like"

Gertjan de JongCopy Partners

B2C and B2B applications

Web-to-print software is available for B2C as well as B2B applications. At its core, it boils down to the same thing: with this software, you organize the management, editing and ordering of (print) communications through an online platform. This can be done through a web shop or through a brand portal.

Graphic entrepreneurs use the software mainly as a webshop for selling print products. These webshops are accessible to everyone. Customers select printed materials, edit designs in templates, upload files and place an order. Usually, these are standard print products converted online into an automated ordering process.

Large companies or marketing agencies more often use web-to-print software as a private web portal with a login. Users manage, edit and order graphic products, and sometimes online media, here. These types of web portals are often focused on brand management, known as a Brand Portal. Such a portal includes the company’s own communication products that are edited and ordered according to corporate identity guidelines.


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