The WhiteLabelShop

The WhiteLabelShop is made for the entrepreneur who wants to sell graphic products online. Own printed products or whitelabel products from printmedia partners. It is a ready-made webshop for print and sign. The platform offers modules for quotations, invoicing, accounting, stock, or design.


Webshop dedicated to print

The WhiteLabelShop is designed from the ground up for web2print. The many ordering options for print products are standard in the software, including all price and quantity calculations and the product structure. You sell your own printed materials and/or the printing of suppliers who offer their products whitelabel via the platform.

The WhiteLabelShop offers the best solution for entrepreneurs who want to:

  • offer a wide range of printed materials.
  • go live quickly with software specific to printing.
  • be in control of the management and supply.
  • connect customer accounts.
  • have quotation, invoice, and design modules specifically for printing.
  • have an IT partner who does not produce or determine the partners.

When you choose a WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry, you can connect different assortments from suppliers, including ours. In an industry where more and more companies are outsourcing part or all of their own production, this is a great advantage. Resellers link an assortment to their own webshop in order to resell these products whitelabel.

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Connection print suppliers

The WhiteLabelShop provides access to a Marketplace with a large selection of graphic products. Flyers, labels, banners, flags, textiles or promotional items. You can sell these products whitelabel in your webshop and outsource the orders to the producers. This gives you the opportunity to present a large print range to end customers online.

You can connect with producers such as Probo, Control Media,, Ballondrukkerij, Inpromo or Zig Zag Forms.

The WhiteLabelShop is the online print shop where you have complete control over the product range. You determine all prices, customer groups, which products are displayed in the shop and where you produce it.

Automation of the ordering process

Prindustry has translated the many printing options into a flexible system with an automated order flow.

Customers order products such as business cards, brochures, posters, beach flags or banners in a user-friendly webshop environment. Within the ordering process it is possible to add all kinds of services. A control tool or editor to personalize the product. Price and scale calculations are built in by default. The customer immediately sees the delivery times and costs per product.

An order can go straight into production. Based on the order history, you can smoothly enter repeat orders.


Prindustry offers a print shop from one central system where you have the possibility to set it up as you wish. You use technology that is specifically designed for graphic products. With product information, orders, quotations, invoicing, and accounting all in one package.


All in one platform

The WhiteLabelShop is a complete web2print SaaS solution. We link different systems and partners through APIs.

For example, Preflight is there for file control. With the CardGate module we link various payment methods. There is a connection with the MIS/ERP software of MultiPress by means of our partner GrafiStore. We also easily integrate software such as Twinfield, AFAS, Exact, SAP, King or Gripp.

You can expand a WhiteLabelShop with a customer account, storefront, or Brand Portal. With customer accounts, you ensure a long-term relationship with your customer. Your customer can find, modify and order their own (print) communications here.

Customizing printed matter

A modern print shop has a design tool. With it, customers can personalize the product with their own text, image, or logo. This is done using an online editor. In the WhiteLabelShop you can connect with editors such as PitchPrint or CHILI publish.

PitchPrint is an accessible editor in which users easily add text and photos to a design. The result is a print-ready PDF.
The more advanced editor of CHILI publish allows you to format products within corporate identity templates.

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