A telecommunications company wants to act as a strong brand. However, building and maintaining such a strong brand is not easy. Every marketing communication must have the same corporate identity. And every business value must be endorsed in these communications. Also when it comes to the price cards of the telephone subscriptions and the promotional materials for the shops and resellers of such a telecom company. An international telecom company* chose Arvato to manage such a comprehensive process. Arvato in turn expanded the collaboration with software supplier Prindustry. Together they provide the mobile phone provider with great benefits for some specific marketing services.

* Due to privacy considerations, the name of the telecom company has been anonymised.






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An outline of the partners

Arvato is one of Bertelsmann’s media divisions. The standalone company offers a wide range of complex services in supply chains, logistics, order-to-cash management, information technology and e-commerce. They do this for large clients such as the international telecom company. Eelco Edink is Project Coordinator Marketing Services at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. For the telecom company, this means that he coordinates and optimizes all materials, finances and information flows up to the end customer. Good supply chain management is inconceivable without information technology, and software in particular.

Eelco explains: “This client is looking for expertise and versatility. Arvato is there to take over the entire process with all marketing activities in the field of their mobile telephony. We then look for the most suitable partner for each project. Prindustry came forward as a partner for the complicated issue of price cards for this client.”

Portal with all current prices

The collaboration started with a search by Eelco. “I wanted to make it easier to enter and update telephone prices online. Prindustry appeared to have already developed a tool for the convenient upload of price tables.”
This tool was further developed for the telecom company. The result: unburdening the price provisions for the owners of the stores of the telecom company. The shop owners have a web portal with their own login and after logging in they see the prices of the telephony provider, tailored to all types of devices and subscriptions. The web environment contains lists of all devices and you can generate the desired number of price cards per device and subscription at the touch of a button. You will then receive a PDF that you can download and print. “Do you want the latest price cards for the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the subscriptions of this provider? Then you click on how many price cards you want. A PDF will follow with the new prices that you can print immediately. That speed is important, because the prices must be presented in the stores up to date.”

Up-to-date price cards quickly

The partnership between the client, Arvato and Prindustry is running smoothly. Eelco in brief about this process: “We receive the overviews with the latest prices, promotional texts and promotional products. Arvato takes care of the logistical planning and Prindustry takes care of the entire system of the web portals, complete with the templates for the price cards.”
The outcome of this collaboration is of great benefit to the client. “A telecom company operates in a highly competitive mobile telephony market. When a competitor stunts with prices, they want to be able to respond immediately with adjusted prices. Previously, it took two days of manual programming to adjust prices. This is now completely automated with the Prindustry software. The price tables with new prices can be uploaded quickly. The stores can replace all prices within five minutes. The client is very enthusiastic about this, because it saves them a lot of time. Updating is the focal point here: implementing the right prices immediately.”

Order module with stock management

Another module in the telecom portals is the ordering platform with stock management. “This stock module keeps track of the number of promotional items. The telecom shops can hand out these promotional materials or display them in the store. This concerns, for example, pens, notepads, banners, posters, folders and POS material. Users of the portal can see whether the desired products are in stock and can then order them immediately. You can see how much is still available per product through the stock module. The poster with the text “6 months discount”? The user sees that 57 are still in stock. Do you want to hand out pens with the telecom logo? At the moment there are still 640 of these.”

Happy partners with Happy Shops

The successful partnership between Arvato and Prindustry led to another development: Happy Partner Shops. The Happy Partner Shops are special portals for the account managers of the client. In their own web portal, they can support their accounts. These are, for example, resellers of the telecom company, so partners in addition to their own physical stores. As the name suggests, the Happy Partner Shop is there to make these partners happy. An account manager can order gifts for them. Flowers, cards or cakes. There are also sales-supporting marketing materials. Automation goes hand in hand with personalization.
Eelco: “This is about co-marketing. Other companies resell the products to their target group. From the telecommunications company, they want to encourage these resellers to resell the products. To do this, we make various materials available in these portals, as well as online campaigns that they can use to promote.”

Happy budget

Each account manager is assigned a budget in the ‘happy portal’. They can spend this budget on the products within the ordering platform. With this so-called digital wallet, the responsible administrator can control exactly how much the account managers are allowed to spend. “It is exactly these kinds of functions for which we provide added value to clients. It’s not just about producing marketing materials, but about the entire, specific and financial handling of the campaigns. Being able to allocate and use a budget is part of that.”

Successful partnership

Automation clearly offers added value in the marketing services for the telecom company. Eelco is certain about that. “It saves a lot of work. The time-to-consumer is now directly for the company. You also rule out errors by eliminating manual entry work. With specialized software we can better serve this client. Prindustry is a reliable partner that responds flexibly to customization. In this way we have established a successful partner relationship for the issues of this mobile phone provider.”

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