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Towards a rock-solid communication process

Comfort with Brand Portal software

With a Brand Portal, you work centrally on a consistent communication process. The frameworks and guidelines are fixed. This ensures that the output is always in line with the brand identity and work processes. This allows everyone in the organisation to work together efficiently on all marketing communications. The creation and ordering processes are fully automated.

The Brand Portal is based on roles and rights. The organisation determines who is allowed to use which functionalities. Within the Brand Portal, you can create your own product range, manage budgets and link modules for quotations, designs or stock. And because everyone works within the same portal, the process is manageable and in control.

The Brand Portal is there for your organisation. That means it adapts itself to your needs and way of working. Because of its flexible character, a Brand Portal also connects to different systems. A design tool, ERP solution, order administration or financial software. This way, you can integrate it into the ideal workflow.

Useful Brand Portal Tools

Design templates: In the design tool you create on-brand visual communications materials within smart templates. Brand elements are predefined. Within these fixed components you can vary with text and images. A single smart template can generate different formats.

Stock module: A stock module keeps track of the number of articles in the portal. Think of items that you keep in stock for distribution, such as company clothing, notepads, posters, brochures or POS material.

Budget management: A budget module can be used by an administrator. The administrator can assign a certain budget to the users of the Brand Portal. They can spend this budget on the products in their own portal.

Purchase-to-pay: A connection to systems for expenditure management is possible. This creates one automatic flow for procurement management. From ordering to automatic checking and booking of invoices.


The shop owners of our telecom client can see the prices for all types of devices and subscriptions after logging into their Brand Portal. With one simple click, they can generate the desired number of price cards per device and subscription. They receive a PDF that they can download and print. The time-to-consumer is now direct for the company. Another module is the ordering platform with stock management. This stock module keeps track of the number of promotional items. The telecom shops can hand out these promotional materials or display them in the physical shop. Think of pens, notepads, banners, posters, leaflets and POS material.

Eelco EdinkArvato Bertelsmann

Order process for retail print

Prindustry is specialised in the development of web-to-print order portals. All printing options are available by default in the software. You can link the portal to desired (print) partners.

The ordering process is completely automated. You can personalise and verify the printed matter in the steps of the order process. The order can go straight into production. You can add your own suppliers, but it is also possible to link the Brand Portal with producers that offer printing within the Prindustry platform.

All files can be modified, ordered, downloaded and saved. This makes it easy to re-order a file.

USP's Brand Portal

All online and offline marcom in one platform

Automation of the editing and ordering

Management of user roles and rights

Brand identity monitoring

Budget and stock control

Single sign-on and system integrations

Hosting and security by SaaS provider

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