Graphic order system

Ordering a printed communication product requires a careful graphic order processing. Prindustry has automated the complete order handling process. With specialized software you can conveniently create, process, ship, invoice and quote orders online. Whether it's your own products or those of external producers.



Order aanmaken Prindustry grafisch

Order created and ready to send to customer

Creating orders

As a user of Prindustry software, you have access to an order management system. You create orders for a product (printing) or service (e.g. DTP work).

Usually it is an order for a graphic product. You select:

  • one or more products per order
  • products from our own assortment or external suppliers
  • for which customer(s) (existing or new)

A product order is freely editable. After creating the order, you send the confirmation to the customer. Repeat orders are easily created from the history.

Processing orders

When forwarding an order, you choose who produces it:

  • Own production
  • External suppliers, such as the connected products in the Prindustry Marketplace . Orders go through per:
    • API connection
    • FTP: Job ticket is placed on the FTP or the production file is placed on the supplier’s FTP.
    • Mail: Supplier receives a confirmation with order table.
Overzicht orders in productie Prindustry

Overview of orders in production

Automate orders

The entire process can be automated, depending on the settings you choose. You may also choose different settings for each producer. For example:

  • With Producer1, the order goes through automatically.
  • With Producer2, the order is only put through after 1 hour and you look at it manually first if you want to make changes.

When outsourcing the order to an external supplier, the producer processes and sends the order (white label) to (you or) the customer.



Each Prindustry webportal is connectable with ParcelPro, a multi-carrier shipping system to send orders with multiple carriers such as DHL and PostNL.

  • You set per order which courier you want to use.
  • Do you ship the products yourself? Then simply generate shipping labels from the management system.

Of course, all settings are also automatically adjustable.


Payment methods

Several payment methods can be set up:

  • on invoice
  • on a collective invoice
  • online checkout. Through Mollie or CardGate we connect payment methods, such as iDeal or credit card
  • when picking up on location: debit card and cash.

As the administrator, you determine the payment term. This can be overridden by the settings you make at the customer group level. Of course, you are also able to assign discounts per product or customer.



Offerte aanmaken Prindustry

Creating and sending quotes

Create quotes

Easily create quotes in the management system. Select the following choices when creating a quote:

  • for which customer
  • for which products
  • from our own assortment or from external suppliers

The quotation goes to the customer with an e-mail. In this mail template you can customize and personalize texts.

Meerdere offertes uitgezet bij diverse leveranciers

Multiple quotes issued to various suppliers

Dynamic quoting

A custom module is dynamic quoting. A customer is then able to submit quotations to several affiliated partners. This can be fully automated through the processing system.

A user makes a request for a quotation for printed materials and the procurement department is able to start the quotation process fully automatically. The graphics partners respond and possibly adjust the quote on product options that are or are not possible and offer alternatives. The instance chooses one quote and the other quoted partners are automatically opted out. The order is automatically transmitted to the user and the selected partner.


Display and track stock

The platform keeps track of the available stock of certain products:

  1. Customer sees how much of the product is in stock.
  2. Quantity is forwarded and charged off.
  3. Supplier goes to work on it.
  4. Updates from supplier about new stock are processed automatically.

Various products can be kept in stock. Stationery, pens, POS material.


Customer groups and orderers

You have the ability to create various customer accounts, each with their own roles and permissions. For example, settings for individual discounts or specific product ranges for a user.

Separate login accounts are possible for individual orderers, as well as customer groups with multiple customers/users.

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