The B2C Webshop

A webshop is the platform in e-commerce for online sales. Both for B2C and B2B.
Prindustry offers a webshop platform for B2C and B2B printing. You get all technical integrations on a scalable webshop platform characterized by ease of use.
Read more about the B2C webshop here, with specifications for a customized platform for print sales.


Custom B2C webshop platform

To successfully sell certain products online you need customization. For example, when selling print products online.

Printed matter is available online for B2C and B2B. Consumers often order small orders, such as a few printed invitations for a party or an occasional promotion with a couple of flyers. It is primarily the business market that orders printed materials on a more frequent and larger scale. SME entrepreneurs who constantly need new printed promotional products. Business print materials for all kinds of companies where the brand is consistently translated on all newly ordered expressions. Or sign and trade show materials for recurring events.


Print webshop platform

A print shop platform is designed for all the processes involved in generating and ordering print products online. It is advisable to carefully map out all your requirements for a print shop before you start.

We give you a list to go over:

  • Do you want to serve B2C and/or B2B audiences?
  • Would you like software specifically for printing?
  • Want to offer an extensive graphic assortment to customers?
  • Do you wish to manage the webshop yourself?
  • Would you like to offer customers accounts from your webshop with their own products?
  • Should customers be able to design?
  • Do you want an IT partner who is independent and does not produce print itself?

Can you answer all these questions with YES? Then Prindustry has a ready-made web shop platform for you!

Solution specifically for printing

There are many webshop software providers, but only a few that specialize in webshop software specifically for printing. A good print shop takes care of the entire management of online orders. Complete with price or scale calculations and repeat orders.

Prindustry develops such software. The software is known as the WhiteLabelShop. The WhiteLabelShop is for the entrepreneur who wants to sell graphic products online. Your own print products or white label products from affiliated print media partners. You add modules for quotations, invoicing, accounting, stock or design as you wish.

Prindustry as software developer is responsible for all technical implementations. The webshop owner operates completely independently.


The WhiteLabelShop


Automation is a means to simplify and shorten processes. The WhiteLabelShop offers automation for the entire print ordering process. Calculate scales, edit templates or check files. There is a central management system with modules for quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information and payment systems.


The WhiteLabelShop provides access to a marketplace where dozens of producers offer their print whitelabel. You can sell the products whitelabel in your own webshop. With its flexible nature, it connects to various systems. MIS/ERP software, a design tool, additional storefronts or financial software.


The WhiteLabelShop can be customized to your corporate identity and way of working. Customization is also possible in your shop with an editor. This allows your customers to personalize a design with a different text or picture before they order a product. You can link an editor to all products.

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