Healthcare Marketing Platform

A Healthcare Marketing Platform is one hub to manage, edit and order all communications. Stakeholders work from any location on all marketing. Discover all the features here, including Prindustry's all-in-one software solution.


Do you also have a fragmented communication process?

In many healthcare facilities, the communication process is fragmented. Brochures, PDFs, letters or social media banners are stored scattered and often different versions exist. They may also be managed by different employees and departments. As a result, control over the users and output of communication materials is lacking. This prevents consistent application of communications. Assets are now too often designed to a person’s own liking, resulting in a loss of corporate identity.

Healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing is the process of creating, communicating and offering information about your healthcare facility. Such marketing is an indispensable part of modern healthcare. As a healthcare provider, you need to position yourself as a strong brand to appear attractive to potential and existing clients, employees and partners. Delivering relevant content at the right time is important to that end. How do you achieve such a manageable and simpler communication process?

You do that with one central, digital resource that is the foundation for all online and offline marketing. A Healthcare Marketing Platform is such a central communication platform. With this platform, a healthcare institution can conveniently organize the management, modification and ordering of all communication materials digitally. You control all print, social and online media from the platform.

Healthcare Marketing Platform

A Healthcare Marketing Platform is the hub of all your marketing activities. All communication materials in the platform are up-to-date and easily accessible for healthcare marketing. It is a scalable platform that connects stakeholders from multiple locations. The platform ensures that each location has access to the same resources and can perform the same activities, while also allowing for local adjustments to better reach specific audiences.

You get an integrated infrastructure to make collaboration across teams as efficient as possible.

Prindustry’s Marketing Platform

The Prindustry Marketing Platform is an intuitive and user-friendly portal for healthcare organizations. It is the central place to organize the entire process of communication; from design to order. The all-in-one software connects all necessary communication processes. These include connections to a design portal, printers, administrative systems or ERP software.

Users can log in to the portal and download, order or create marketing materials to use at their location. Each user is given an account with personalized settings. An administrator gets access to settings such as order management or budgets.

There are flexible design templates that allow users to customize the materials themselves. Certain corporate identity elements are fixed, such as colors or fonts. Within these brand frameworks, they can vary texts or images. This allows users to create materials in the right corporate style in no time. They no longer need to call on the head office.

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Case mental health service

"Our communications department was always inundated with questions from all locations. So we gradually started looking at how we could standardize such communication questions. We now use a Marketing Platform as an ordering portal for all printed matter, by different users, and with corporate identity templates per product and brand. When you log in, there are ready-made products ready to order per GGZ brand. This means that each employee does not have to select all printing options themselves first, but that choices such as the correct paper type or format are preselected. This way there is always consistency. For some products, location information is entered automatically, such as for stationery. For other products, templates are ready in which some variables can be adjusted, as with the business cards. The standard jobs go through to the in-house repro or externally to a printer."

GGZ Friesland

Enterprise SaaS solutions

Prindustry’s Healthcare Marketing Platform is a software solution marketed for countless organizations. Customers operate within hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or other healthcare organizations.

Prindustry also develops communication software for other industries. A Marketing Platform, or Brand Portal, is specifically designed for the brand management of organizations with many locations and many communications. Each Prindustry portal offers modules for orders, quotes, invoicing, accounting, inventory or design.


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