Print on demand webshop

Offering print products through a webshop provides many advantages for business owners. More efficiency, speed and turnover.
This article describes the possibilities of a print on demand webshop. Including the solution of Prindustry, the market leader in the Benelux with online print software.


History and innovations

The internet has changed the printing landscape quite a bit. Today’s market is increasingly consisting of people orienting for a sale online. As a result, many traditional printing companies have switched partially or completely to an online printing company. An online print shop sells printed materials on a digital channel. From commercial printing and apparel to photo books and corporate gifts. In addition to traditional printing companies, many new parties have emerged in recent years that have established themselves purely as internet printers, such as Control Media.

Because of these developments, traditional printers are increasingly emerging as print managers or resellers. They advise, create and organize the printed matter for their customers, but production takes place elsewhere. They outsource their orders to producers. These producers, in turn, are increasingly working together or bundling their activities in one production hub. Here they print on demand. Printing on demand is the process of printing graphic products only when there is a demand for them.

Advantages print on demand webshop

A print on demand webshop offers many advantages.

For example, online printers can conveniently bundle orders. They group all similar orders for the presses. Such scale benefits yield significant cost savings.
Furthermore, companies with an online print shop spend less time on verifications. A standard order in an online shop can go straight into production. In the ordering process, many online print shops offer a monitoring tool.

Ordering print products online also has advantages for the customer. A good print on demand webshop functions like any good online store. Customers can order quickly and easily. There is often an extensive assortment, with many product options and good graphics.
Print on demand also makes it possible to order a small quantity. An Internet printer can process and ship low runs quickly. Delivery times and shipping costs are directly visible in the shop.

Online design and ordering

Printed matter is a manufactured product. It is not on the shelves somewhere; it still has to be made. Printed on demand. That happens after the customer makes a selection from the various product options in the webshop. Depending on the product, a customer makes choices in variables as paper type, size, material, weight, finish, printing method or print run. Therefore, these options must all be integrated in the webshop.

Every serious online entrepreneur with a print shop also offers a design tool. The customer can then design or customize the product themselves. Often a consumer webshop chooses a simple editor that requires no design knowledge. Users can quickly customize their product with a few simple things. Think of business cards you can design yourself or a balloon with a custom image.

"Digital customers are lazy. They want to order as easily as possible. That's why a webshop has to be above all lean and mean, with clear navigation and a good look. Our print webshop offers one central system that we could set up according to our own wishes. We use existing webshop technology that is geared to graphic products. With product information, orders, quotes, invoicing and accounting all in one package."


Choices for a print shop of your own

With an attractive print shop of your own, you create more sales. This does not just happen of course, often you use online marketing for this. Your shop should also have a fresh and responsive design with a user-friendly shopping experience.

You can make several choices for your own print shop. It can be an extension of the physical store, or the shop can stand on its own. You choose whether to offer your own products or someone else’s – or a mix of both. You decide who will be the producer of the online orders. You can (partially) produce yourself, choose a permanent supplier or a different producer every time.

Whitelabel print on demand

A whitelabel print webshop is a popular business model in online print. A partner makes the products and the entrepreneur of the webshop sells them under his own name. The supplier sends the order as a whitelabel package to the customer.

As an entrepreneur with a whitelabel webshop, you are a reseller. You only have to focus on online sales. Processing the order lies entirely with the producer. You don’t need your own stock, but you can present your customers with a complete print range. Doing business in a lean and mean way!

"When you purchase a WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry, you can link several manufacturers' print assortments, including ours. In an industry where more and more companies outsource some or all of their own production, this is a big advantage. Resellers connect a range to their own webshop to further sell these products white label."

Samuel MostardProbo

Print on demand webshop Prindustry

The WhiteLabelShop is Prindustry’s whitelabel print on demand webshop. Whitelabel in this case means two things: you set up the shop according to your corporate identity and the orders you outsource go white label to the end customer.

With the WhiteLabelShop you are part of a network of graphic producers who offer their products through an integrated marketplace. As a reseller, you get the opportunity to bring a large graphic range to your customers. You choose which products to add in your online store and which supplier the order goes to. The WhiteLabelShop owner is in control of his shop, Prindustry is only the facilitating software partner. Completely independent, as Prindustry is not a print manufacturer nor does it oblige to purchase from certain partners.

This software solution is a turnkey webstore for print media. Complete with tools for quotes, accounting and designs. The WhiteLabelShop is a total system for online print design and ordering, order processing and invoicing.


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