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Brand Portals and Web2Print solutions

With our ambition to automate and connect everything in one system, we develop successful order portals for (print) communication.

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Web2print software

Prindustry develops software for creating, managing and ordering communications. We are market leader in the Benelux with our web2print order portals.

We’re here to help companies make the best connections on a single platform. We offer various Brand Portal and E-commerce software solutions for this.

You can choose a software package for a WhiteLabelShop for the sales of printed matter, for a Brand Portal with the brand communication of a company or for a Customer Portal with the communication products of the customer.

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We love to connect!

Prindustry’s strength is making connections. We connect all kinds of communication products, partners and systems with our Brand Portals and Webshops.

The software can be combined with existing systems. An ERP solution, design tool, DAM system or financial software. These include CHILI publisher, PitchPrint, Twinfield, AFAS, Exact, SAP, King, ProActive or Gripp. In this way you can integrate it into your ideal workflow.

Assortments from renowned print suppliers such as Probo,, Control Media, Zig Zag Forms or Inpromo are also available for connection through our unique marketplace.

Our communication software can be used for any industry.


Blogs, trends, events.

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