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The WhiteLabelShop is a fully automated webshop with an integrated management system that gives you access to over a million products. To your customer, our WhiteLabelShop is perfectly working webshop in which they can easily order your products. The management system is there to make your life as a printing professional easy. The WhiteLabelShop is a central purchase and sales system, automated order system and webshop in one. It’s cheaper than any similar web-to-print, white label or print store solution too.

What are your benefits?

We know this: it costs more time to have a website built anywhere other than at Prindustry. Anyone that states it can be done cheaper or faster doesn’t tell you that you have to add those million products yourself. One by one.

Placing orders manually in different systems from different suppliers with each a different way of working is history. Our webshop guarantees one easy way of working because of our direct coupling with suppliers.

The use of the WhiteLabelShop makes sure you have all the information in one place. One system connected to your automated webshop, orderflow management and backend.

Our specialists are working around the clock to update the WhiteLabelShop to make sure you have the newest features. You don’t have to waste time looking for new tools to improve your website.

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One good connection makes a world of difference. One can only imagine what dozens of connections can do. That’s why we created the WhiteLabelShop: to give you all the opportunities you need as a printing industry professional. It’s a webshop with acces to over a million products available out of our network. In an instant you will have filled your website with products. The WhiteLabelShop is obviously suitable for mobile and tablet. To make sure you start of the right foot, we even train you.

So how does this integrated, automated and super easy system work?

All the connections are carefully made by Prindustry. When you chose the WhiteLabelShop from Prindustry you become part of a unique network. Not only can you offer over a million products to your customers. You can also share your own assortment with other webshops in our network. They will sell your products for you. We select the best, cheapest or most unique supplier. This assures you can offer your customer the product he or she needs.



Suppliers offer their products on a market place. Our appointments with them guarantee you the best price. Only the best, cheapest or most unique product will be accepted.


Through the webshop you can offer your unique products to the market place. It gives you extra possibilities to get your products sold via resellers.


From the market place, you can chose over a million products to offer to your customers. These can be products from suppliers but also from other webshops, like yours.


In the webshop you can easily choose the products you offer to them. It doesn’t matter whether the products are yours, the suppliers’ or from another webshop in the network.

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